The GATES OF SLUMBER (U.S.) Interview by The Wizard of Noz

The GATES OF SLUMBER (U.S.) Interview

by The Wizard of Noz

By Noswal Nevik

1. Start off by introducing yourself and what is your role in your band?

I’m Karl. I play guitar and sing.

2. You are about to release a new EP entitled “Stormcrow”, what can fans expect from this release?

Yeah, it’s a five song deal. We have a couple of really good songs on it I think. It’s crunchy doom metal.

3. So you recently reissued your debut album “…the Awakening”, what brought this on, was there a high demand for the album and what are the differences from the original press?

Well, copies of the record were going on EBay and what have you for some pretty silly money. It’d been out of print for a few years. Basically it’s the same press as was out on Iron Kodex a few years back.

4. Tell me a little about the other members of the band? And do any of you play in other bands?

Bob, our drummer plays in Apostle of Solitude. Other than that it’s me and Jason who plays bass.

5. Tell me a little about the other releases you have and where they are available for purchase?

We have like 6 albums out. And a few splits and what have you. I believe all of the CDs are in print still. Save for “Like a Plague Upon The Land”.

6. Are you a touring band or are you a studio only band? If you are a touring band list some of your best shows so far, or if you are a studio only band explain why that is?

Yeah we are a touring band. Some of the highlights so far have been supporting Angel Witch in London. Damnation Fest. Playing The Troubador in LA. Both of our Appearances at Doom Shall Rise in Germany. Going to Finland, touring with Reverend Bizarre, Premonition 13, Church of Misrey, Orange Goblin, two European tours supporting Cathedral. Man. There have been too many cool shows to count.

7. Do you have any amusing stories from when you recorded your album or when you where on the road?

Man, again. So many stupid stories. One good one was in Madrid when we drank the whole rider up leaving Cathedral with no beer. That was funny. We made it up the next day by stocking the bus with booze.

8. Name some of the bands that have influenced your playing style and then name some of the bands that people think influenced you but didn’t?

Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath, The Obsessed, etc. you know. I don’t really know what to say to the other part of the question. Sorry

9. What are some of your all time favorite albums?

Saint Vitus’s debut, Paranoid, The Obsessed’s The Church Within. Pentagram’s Be Forewarned. Lucifer’s Friend’s debut, the first Electric Wizard record. Warning’s demos.  Epicure by Candlemass. … … .

10. Name some of the all time worst or overated Metal albums in your opinion?

I’d rather not.

11. Let everyone know what the band has planned for the future.

We’ll be playing SXSW again this year and then doing a tour of the east coast around the same time. Maybe some smler stuff. We’ll also be doing Days of the Doomed in Wisconsin again this year and then into the studio for our next full length for Rise Above.

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