RADIATION SICKNESS (U.S.) “Reflections of a Psychotic Past” CD review by www.metalbite.com

RADIATION SICKNESS (U.S.) “Reflections of a Psychotic Past” CD review by www.metalbite.com


When a band returns from a rather lengthy hiatus, it can be a crap shoot to whether or not they can recapture what they had before. Indiana based Radiation Sickness is such a band. Thay took eighteen years off (due to many factors, including a founding members suicide) but now reformed to play once again.

Originally a Death Metal/Grind/Crossover act, Radiation Sickness now seems to be leaning more to a Crossover/Thrash act, as heard on this album that has new material along with an Ep from the 90’s. Opting for more of a melodic path, it seems that Radiation Sickness has grown.

The older Grind/Death/Crossover stuff is pretty good in itself but seems not to stand out. It’s the newer material they are making that seems to have a better spark to it. I was so impressed with ‘Tripping In Seas Of Madness’ (brutal thrash crossover with a nasty attitude), that it made me forget the older material. Heavy and gore filled to the max, this band has finally put all of the time and efforts together, and the now can begin their dominance on the puny bands that they look down at.

I loved the Death/Grind of their earlier work, but the newer music that they are now hammering out seems to be exactly where they have been striving to be. The band seems finally completely comfortable with themselves and what they are about, and able to exude the full magnitude of their talents. It is good to see when a band hits their stride, and is ready to dominate all who are in their way.

Categorical Rating Breakdown


Atmosphere: 8.5

Production: 8.5

Originality: 8

Overall: 8.5

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Review link: www.metalbite.com/tracks.asp?album=10790

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To purchase RADIATION SICKNESS “Reflections of a Psychotic Past” CD and other RADIATION SICKNESS merchandise go to: www.officialabyssrecords.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=radiation+sickness


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