The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review by

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review


By Alain Lavanne

After a first album, “The System of Nature”, released in 2011, the Swedes THE GARDNERZ returned to the charge with an EP of six tracks.

Always with the ambition to combine the respective weight of two genres: Death Metal classic Scandinavian fashion and Doom Metal. Contrary to what might suggest the formula described above, THE GARDNERZ does not evolve in a register similar to that practiced in their infancy by the pioneers of Doom Death, namely the sacrosanct trinity MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA and PARADISE LOST. The Swedish Death Doom remind me more of a mix between GRAVE and UNLEASHED one hand, melodic elements (simple but effective) specific to traditional Doom other.

The title “A Horrible Disease”, we salute even a superb guitar solo, full of bluesy feeling and a sense of melody has become quite rare, and the introduction and break analogs “Melatonin”. In the same vein, the recovery of the “Transylvanian Hunger” of DARKTHRONE is striking as a fashion electroacoustic without rhythm but with female vocals poignant surprise, boldness and success!

Each piece has a tip and melodic, instrumental or vocal (alongside some clear voice singing mostly cavernous) that helps aerate the Doom Death with a delicious feeling old school. The question now is: when a second album?

This review was originally written in French and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in French click the link below.

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