ERUPTED (Sweden) “In the Grip of Chaos” CD review by Chaos Vault

ERUPTED (Sweden) “In the Grip of Chaos” CD review

by Chaos Vault

By Pathologist

After the pictures gebach Swedish members erupted on youngsters look more, but something in the oven dokurwic already know how. “In the Grip of Chaos” t about the band’s debut recording.

In total, the guys have in your account another EP, but they released it under a different name. What podzialo – not scrutinize, and I do not know. But I see and hear more of what is on the first dlugograjacym release. At the beginning of the write that I was playing not kidnapped. Death Metal presented by the Swedes smacks a little moldy biscuit and cheese. Not a bad play, rather cylindrical, with a lot of flavors and combinations, but stuck in such a way that it impresses. I do not suck too broke off for a few consecutive hearings that I was rather tired. Everything correctly, but there is this thing, this jam, which actually can przyjebac the backs of their heads with the power of relationships speeding freight train Gliwice – Warsaw East. The potential is there, because ideas do not appear stupid, vocals puke gore and good places actually moves it all so that we feel gentle tug colon. Team may need a bit of maturity. Maybe it’s like the cucumber: malosolne cool, but as a decent ukisza is no fucking whore in the village hehe.

I am generally pleased with the association with this board and I wish the whole team in the new year to the next album, which building clay patted on the head like a good moonshine. Zdrówka!

Rating: 6.5 / 10

This review was originally written in Polish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Polish click the link below.

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