FETUS STENCH (Sweden) “Stillbirth” CD review by Aristocrazia Webzine

FETUS STENCH (Sweden) “Stillbirth” CD review

by Aristocrazia Webzine

By Mourning

Sweden, which deliberately does not sound Swedish, speak of the Fetus Stench, military training in which today’s drummer Norse Blood Red Throne Emil Wiksten and where we find the underground Scandinavian names known as Bullen and Björte which are both part of reality thrash Inferior, with the first also in the line-up of The Law (always a thrash band), while the only Illern do not know the past (apparently seems to have been part of the split Anti Christian Death Squad). The group has focused his gaze overseas drawing mostly by the brutality made ??in the USA to give substance to debut “Stillbirth” Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and partly in their time more inclined to thrash the malevolent figure of Mr. Phil Fasciana Malevolent Creation and its echo and re-echo all ‘ interior of a benefit that is not lost behind frills, is not sought, also based its existence on the hammer, disintegrate and break everything that stands against. ‘s rhythmic system imposed by Emil and Bullen is those who maintain high blood pressure and constant, drummer launches into blastati continue using the mid-tempo to give depth, guitars and Illern Björte shove a riff after another as if they had remained pleasantly fossilized in the nineties and the second, also a man behind the microphone , stands on the pieces with a growl viscous and brutal. ‘s nothing new you say? And those who seek him? The Fetus Stench randellano piallano and that is a pleasure, songs like “Breenkommando”, “The Outer Island”, “Bashed, Defaced And Disfigured” more than enough to make the idea. The concept is as simple as you want, there are Swedes asking: do you want death metal pure and unpretentious? If the answer should be yes, “Stillbirth” will end up in the collection, in the case of mental saws, thoughts or phrases such as “it is too standard / derivative”, I would remind you that we are in 2012 and 1995 (last year of excellence of ‘old school) is beautiful now that’s gone!

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

Review link: http://www.aristocraziawebzine.blogspot.it/2012/10/fetus-stench-stillbirth.html

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