CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) “Composition of Flesh” CD review by Chaos Vault

CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) “Composition of Flesh” CD review

by Chaos Vault

By Oracle

After a great demo Swedish butchers of Corrosive Carcass finally released their debut album. Since we are in the Chaos Vault strongly support, can not do without the exposure for the subject, which is “Composition Of Flesh”.

Corrosive Carcass in his spare time involved in cleaving skulls with heavy death metal – if you do not wywnioskowaliscie wygooglowaniu by its cover or a band name. Their first major album is thirteen songs in the style that perfectly przypasuje lupanine lovers under the sign of Autopsy, Grave and Finnish teams Abhorrence style. Oldskulowe, great sound though, maybe not as rough as the demo “Rot.In.Pieces”, but still kicks the ass mercilessly. I still think that the creators of “Severed Survival” is for young Swedes greatest inspiration – just listen to the issue of “Collector” fucking hideous, diverse, where quiet twang guitar is a great (and strangely disgusting) rabanki primitive counterpoint to what is right thereafter. Besides Corrosive Carcass does not avoid placing patients melody of their music which, despite its repulsywnego character beats his head as individual closed coffin and buried alive. All the better that with such treatment this album is not boring, well – at least I do not get bored, because it’s like someone is bored after napierdalanie hammer toes, yet it is such an enjoyable activity, haha! Seriously, it’s Corrosive Carcass perfectly captures the atmosphere of old death metal of the nineties, with pilujacymi at different rates guitars, deep growl, like that extracts from the well (I love the use of echo) and great acting rhythm section.

I Corrosive Carcass did not disappoint, and if it were not the remains of nails and smooth out the blood, I would say – a material that lick your fingers …

Rating: 9/10

This review was originally written in Polish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Polish click the link below.

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