BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review by Nocturne Magazine

BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review

by Nocturne Magazine

By Marko Ristic

Since the first album, ” Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness “was engaged in a real revolution in our dull extreme metal scene, a lot’s happened up to the moment when the band released their second album” The Acausal Fire. “

Which current status of the band, you have the exclusive right to read in Branislavovoj column , and what is it that “The Acausal Fire” provides over 42 minutes it takes, you can read in the lines that follow.

I had a chance to hear this album long before there was a final version, which is now packed and I can tell you that he already aspired to be one of the best works by the country of Serbia had the opportunity to give, of course, that the extreme Regarding metal scene.

“The Acausal Fire” throughout the ten tracks provides an excellent combination of black and death metal genres, destroying the membrane of your stereo or whatever they were. Excellent production, and this time it was done in the Czech Hellsound study under the watchful eye of Honza’s eyelid, but all would not be so good that you guys have not managed to make an album that at least can stand shoulder to shoulder with all the bands that are celebrate this direction.

Most influence continues to have by Dark Funeral and Dissection school with what Bane his style permeates much more melodic and more receptive wider audiences. The vocals on this album are immeasurably better than the first edition, although it is pretty well gone by international critics. Arranger, Bane has gone one step forward and what he did with this album.  Dunk drums and double pedals, great riffs and, again to mention, great vocals make this album certainly found at the top of the charts extreme metal fans.   If you had the chance to ever see this band live, you understand how professionally approached everything they do, so from that side you will not wonder what “The Acausal Fire” sounds like powerful.

Is a pity that the question of whether this band will ever have another chance to watch live , but we all hope that this is not the last thing to come from this band.

Rating: 10/10

This review was originally written in Croatian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Croatian click the link below.

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