ANGREPP (Sweden) “Warfare” DIGI CD review by

ANGREPP (Sweden) “Warfare” DIGI CD review


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By Tania Giménez

The album opens with a intro war very much in line with the cover work, a soldier, tank and bloodied people to make way for the first cut of the album itself, “Five Horned Formation.” With only hear the beginning, with some Thrash riffs with an air rock n ‘Punk Rock or very old school, you know what is going to wait. Based largely Thrash (also make it clear in those aforementioned guitar riffs and vocals, though they could fit perfectly into a group of Death) and a clear influence of Black Metal, especially the battery, but what most have to BM is aggressiveness. The battery at all times is constant and not a single standard governs, and that sometimes sounds as raw as a band like Black Metal and Punk quite some time, like any old band from the Bay Area.

The truth is that there is too much to mention: I had already heard this before, but what they do wrong, the result is quite satisfying and enjoyable. Also, if there are so many groups of this style, it is clear that this is because gender is a triumph, even more if oozes old-school spirit. An album that will appeal to both fans of Thrash and Black.

Rating: 7/10

This review was originally written in Spanish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Spanish click the link below.

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