DESULTOR (Sweden) Interview by

DESULTOR (Sweden) Interview


By Redhead

First of all, could you tell me something about Desultor? I don’t really know much about your background. Where did this idea come from to start this band?

We come from Stockholm, Sweden. I started the band in 2006 and started the band by very simple reasons… I love to play Metal and play my own my music so I decided to start a hip hop band called Desultor.

What’s the meaning of the word Desultor? After my knowledge they were horse riders in the roman empire.

Hey, cmon… Eveybody asks us that. Nobody asks Metallica or Megadeth what their band names mean? But sure no worries, I can tell you what Desultor means… Jack shit.  The inspiration comes from a spider art that is called in latin ’’Liphistious Desultor”. I just thought it sounded brutal so I kept it.

Could you describe the lyrical themes in a few sentences?

The lyrics from the Masters of Hate album is all about the dark side in life which we all experience in alot of different dimensions. Like everything else there is a backside… In next album you will find out all about it since it is a sequal to the first album. It will continue the story with chapter 3 and 4, and maybe even 5. I can already tell you the next album is named ’’W.A.R – (Worlds And Religions)”.

Have you got a favourite track from the album?

It variates from time to time… Some periods I find a song from the album that particulary fits well for listening depending on the mood and emotions I feel in the moment. It’s an album that grows in to you every time you listen to it… It’s hard to like it on the first listening.

How is it going with Ibrahim? Do you like to work with him?

Nope. He’s a pain in the ass… But I love him anyway, we are like brothers.

Do you have any plans for playing alive? If yes, would you use session artists on your side or you’d rather use samplers for the rest of the instruments?

We will use session musicians for live but we have alot of personal issues going on right now so we can’t play live for the moment.

Is there any chance for a new record in the future?


I’m pretty interested about your lyrics. It’s cool because they are easy to understand but I’m sure that they all have meaning in the background. What is “And so we bleed…” about?

And so we bleed is about the age and society here in Stockholm and propably alot of other societys and cities is going trough today. We teach our children trough tv, newspapers and parenting to hate and grow up as a miserable fuck and belive in the system that you should be a slave to it and follow a specific pattern this society have created for you: Get a boring job, follow fashion, act normal, obey the law, pay taxes, dont think for your self etc and follow this pattern. If you do anything else it’s wrong, and you are evil and stupid. We in Desultor belive that you are a free man and we will tell you more about it in the next album.

How would you describe Desultor’s music? Could you name the style of it?

Hipidy hop salsa-country Techno.

If you had a chance to play together with one of your favourite artists, who would be that?

I have alot of favourite artists… It would be awesome to play with Robyn or Röyksopp some day or maybe Laleh. I dont have that many favourite artists in metal music, I just love to play it.

Do you have any other bands or projects?

I just started a very awesome Death Metal band named ’’Los Perkeles” together with an amazing super drummer called German from Burning Darkness.  It’s very old school but yet very brutal and and extreme with growl on the vocals this time and no singing.

Have you got a job?

I just got fired from my job couple of months ago after six years in the post office. I was to much sex, drugs and rock n roll for them I guess… You got a job for me?

Tell about your hobbies please!

Play Soccer, shooting pool, swimming, playing arcade or video games, smoke some of the holy plant, porn, learning new instruments, basketball, laser games, parlour games, HBO series, read and write philosophy, food, sex, music and raping old cats.

Would you send a message to the fans here in Hungary?

Dont drink and bake.

Markus, thanks again for your time! Best wishes!

Thank you and the same to you!


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