DESULTOR (Sweden) “Masters of Hate” CD / LP review by

DESULTOR (Sweden) “Masters of Hate” CD / LP review


By Redhead

Nowadays it is not at all surprising thing about the various types of metal music fusion experiment. The Swedish Desultor named duo did just that – not even slightly – the first album, which is the Master of Hate address to listen to. relatively (as yet) unknown team you should know that in 2007 and evolution since this is the first album by two modest demo preceded the 2008, 2009 years. The Machinery of fans will not be unknown Johan Markus (vocals, guitar) are not called. The drums of a Srtahlman Ibrahim guy named sat, whose precise, dynamic interplay, here, in the very beginning to draw attention. I do not cut corners in the thirty lábdobokkal, blastbeatekkel and incredible bushings. The disc is a short, meaningless intro after a huge explosion as the energy begins to Black Monday in the form of songs. There’s everything: the death metal elements from the oriental szólórészekig effect. No longer in the fukarkodnak progresszivitással. Markus fast file musical instruments, vocals and many places to remind Warrel Dane. However, he could not take the mood to listen to more of the disk, although not specifically Nevermore am a fanatic. All this is followed by eight more powerful songs, which are characterized by a better, more gripping moments. Advanced, progressive death metal, this would be the best, but not quite! Because the disk is almost completely ignores the grunts, which does not necessarily matter if the songs are considered the overall picture. Both parties hear a professional job, in many parts of milling, foot drum, all in a professional manner, on an energetic front. I could say that I picked up my head against the Division Insane away, and we bleed … And so on, but it would put me in the emergency situation, you can begin to slowly list the entire track list. This is one explanation: the material shattered huge and very strong! I do not feel the need to highlight any special song, because it is a time to another losing all strength. The guys did not hesitate, they are written in different styles drawing on the themes developed in perfection, and the creation of the Masters of Hate fusion. say at the album in no way fun. Blessed-one subjects ünneplos not expect, but more chills and musical energy. Another plus point is the master duo, in contrast to the other colleagues did not make the mistake that their songs long, boring would be lowered. The album is very good sikeredett The Luxury Of Pain song, none other than four minutes to go over. The total playing time is only 34 minutes. korcsízlésu In the music world, to create something that is valuable and enduring very difficult. In particular, if we are talking about a young team. I think that it was Desultornak. I wish good luck to them! Way to go, go, guys!

Rating: 9/10

This review was originally written in Hungarian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Hungarian click the link below.

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