The GATES OF SLUMBER (U.S.) “…the Awakening” CD review by

The GATES OF SLUMBER (U.S.) “…the Awakening” CD review


By Renato de Filippis

The Gates of Slumber: a magical name for all fans of Lovecraft, and for all the doom! The debut of the American band, sold out for some time, is reprinted with an interesting Bonustrack from the Abyss Records. Let’s see the lineup of this album in 2004 that had much less success than they would have deserved. “The Awakening” is the missing link between the Saint Vitus and the occult ’70s rock, as demonstrated by the voice of Karl Simonacidissimo solo at the end of the track (which by the way ‘crazy’ about a minute from the end with a sudden acceleration). The beginning of “The Jury” is so distorted as to suggest the space rock, and the song grows again with an eye to the seventies with long instrumental phrasing, but for once I would not refer to Black Sabbath, but rather the sound of San Francisco. The rapid “The Executioner” shakes the listener numb from the lava of doom of the first five pieces, then we have a three-minute bass solo, with “Blessed Pathway to the Celestial Kingdom,” then close the original disc, “The Burial “yes this doom related to English rock 70s and even then – the more attentive if they only realize – to Candlemass. The package includes, as Bonustrack, nearly ten minutes of funereal “The cloacked Figure”, definitely the most stuffy and traditional doom of the lot. In short, if you do not have “… the Awakening” I’d say it’s time to buy! The new artwork is (of course) by Ken Kelly.

Rating: 8/10

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

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