The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “System of Nature” DIGI CD & “It All Fades” CD EP reviews by

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “System of Nature” DIGI CD

& “It All Fades” CD EP reviews


By Pedro Ribeiro

In the beautiful lands of Southern Sweden where the cold of winter is felt and the white covers the branches of naked trees a dark force remains in its shelter and waits silently like a predator watches its prey until the opportune moment to release its claws against the ignorance of man.

In the middle of 2008 Landskrona gave birth to the hungry beast called THE GARDNERZ, a dommy death metal band formed by Wihelm Lindh (the man behind the guitar). With the desire to spread his own metal as blood running in his veins he initiated the demand for artists that could integrate shrewdly into the dark energy he intended to liberate and so in the late 2008 Francisco Martín (bass wielder) joined the loud force and that was how the first steps of the band started to leave a trace, with the debut album taking shape. A longtime friend of Francisco, Juan Pablo fitted well in the formation and was recruited to do the drums (currently he is no longer part of the band) and after a long time of searching for a vocalist Niclas Ankarbranth shattered voice stepped in to the picture.

This musical monster is very versatile and blends various components of death metal with a slower and brutal doom but they don´t fully fit that category taking their music even further to a more diversified path that makes them unique. With a slow and nasty sound of heavy metal full of distortion and catchy clean notes that compose sorrowful and gloomy melodies, they mix technique with simplicity to create a vast soundscape and fresh touch. Lyrically they deal with philosophical ideas and the strange ways of Man in life specially the hypocrisy, greed and creeds of human being, the fallacies of religion, consumerism and how insignificant events shapes a Man´s entire life.

THE GARDNERZ dark energy was finally unleashed… the debut album “The System of Nature” was mastered by Dan Swanö at his Unisound Studio and was released on the 20th of September 2011 on digipack CD through Abyss Records and is also available as gatefold LP by Mechanix Records and downloads through Digmetalworld.

For a debut album “System of Nature” was very well worked and presents us a bone breaker sound with technical, catchy and heavy riffs that sometimes gives place to a cleaner string experience that fills the music with sad and dark melodies. The songs of this album fit in the death/doom category but in my opinion there is a progressive sound present because they mutate their style so many times during this 12 track work (two of them are covers of the bands VULCANO and WINTER) that is hard to say that they are pure death with a gloomy flourish. The guitar offers many techniques and styles with slow, medium pace and fast rhythms, brutal heavy distortions and clean phrases, fast short solos, complex and strong riffs and simpler lines. The bass is easily audible not remaining beneath the other instruments and follows the music with splendor also having its moments of focus with simple solo lines but I think it adds nothing special or particular to the music. Niclas vocals are profound; he uses a heavy growl and a devilish voice that exudes exceptionally the messages of the songs. The drums are very powerful and create that brutal background with a slow rhythm that sometimes turns into a complex frenzy of death metal.

In general the album “System of Nature” was well conceived with songs that are pretty good but with others that fall into oblivion. The most positive factor in this work was that they created their own sound that automatically separated them from comparisons and gave them a highlight in the metal scene. In a way they have shown that they were capable of doing more and one year later they ended up impressing…


After the release of the debut the response of the metal community was very positive and the followers of the band started to grow. This of course was an extra boost to keep the band in the right direction and the THE GARDNERZ started working on new material to unleash their tremendous metal.

In 2011 a new drummer, Vedran Bencic, was recruited, and just after a few months of rehearsing the new songs the band decided to record a mini album. . The recording started in early 2012 and yielded the “It All Fades” mini album containing six doom and death filed tracks. Drums were recorded at Armageddon Studio, Osijek, Croatia. Guitars and bass at Funky Cat Studio in Landskrona, Sweden. Vocals at Ninja Studios in Malmö, Sweden. Mixed and Mastered by Cristian Rodríguez Lunecke at 15Hz Studio Santiago, Chile.

The sound of the band hasn´t suffered many alterations with the mini album and somehow the idea of constructing a 36 minutes EP was clever because it brought a simple and small but amazing work with superb songs and in particular one of my favorite covers of Darkthrone´s “Transsilvanian Hunger” to which they gave a special and unique touch, turning this song into a folky, beautiful and melancholic ballad with the orgasmic voice of Paulina Strihavka. Definitely I cannot think of any better tribute to Norwegian black metal than this spectacular cover and THE GARDNERZ really nailed it.

They remained in the dommy death metal scene reminding sometimes of My Dying Bride but with their own sound and with compositions that evolved with a stronger character with catchier and heavier songs and a much savory progression with all the instruments in harmony. This time around the atmosphere was much more intense and being easier to capture the feelings that “It All Fades” transpires. At technical level they have shown that simplicity can also become complex with the use of simple doom phrases intercalated with clean melodies and a more technical death metal that not even once during the mini album gets boring. This was due primarily due to the maturation of the strings compositions that were outstanding with really dommy lines changing to catchy death metal lines especially in the song “Don´t look back”.

The vocals are also a strong reference in this album, they didn´t stick with huge and intense growls, instead they use a vast spectrum of styles singing with roaring intensity, clean vocals, and a more thrash type of singing (loud and clear with harshness) and as I said before there is also a strong guest vocalist, the inspiring voice of Paulina that gives a beautiful texture to the cover.

“It All Fades” has shown that after all there was still plenty to hear and to headbang to…

THE GARDNERZ cultivated their sound with brilliance and I just really hope they continue to do works like this or even better. Hail to THE GARDNERZ!

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