SOUTHWICKED (U.S. / Europe) “Death’s Crown” CD review by ISK

SOUTHWICKED (U.S. / Europe) “Death’s Crown” CD review

by ISK

By Arnel Saric Sharan

Southwicked the new old skool death metal band orientation coming from the Mecca of American death metal – Tampa in Florida. And if this is not enough information to gain an impression of what sound to expect on this album, and we will say that one of the two main heads of the band Allen West, a former member of the band Six Feet Under and Obituary.

On the band’s debut album Southwicked “Death’s Crown” is nine tracks, and most of these songs there was the release of the demo from 2011. year.

The album opens up a clip from the film “Shocker” (who does not know, let me go out on the eyes), and immediately after the introduction of the classic moves, brutal bashing, where the riff is more important than technique, where Pope Double driver in combination with kecom and plain, and solos actually rape wire with tremolo handle. Maybe this is a rough description of the album, but so much has already been said in the old approach to writing death metal songs and today was especially popular reincarnation of the old style that really can not invent hot water at refereeing. Lucky for us, so Southwicked not a band that is based on the old sawy, because in fact they play the same junk, so I sound completely authentic, and therefore quite slušljiv and unmolested.

The production is dirty, crude, evil. That any other way, it would be bad. These triggere they love the drum, duboooko will be disappointed. I dare say that Southwicked failed to gain a sound not only garages, but a good produciranog demo which is highly appreciative if you like this kind of music.

“Death’s Crown” – nothing new, but not lame. The album was played from the old school to the old school, some will love it, others would not even prismrditi. Listen and decide to which group you fall into.

This review was originally written in Serbian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Serbian click the link below.

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