The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review by

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review


By Vasilis Odontidis

“It All Fades” is the follower of the “System Of Nature” the debut record of the Swedish Doom / Death Metal band THE GARDNERZ.It is not categorized as a full length album though a 36-minutes record is usually promoted as a full length album. Anyhow in this record are five original compositions and one cover of the almighty “Transilvanian Hunger” of DARKTHRONE.

The songs are generally in slow – muddy tempo with developing guitar melodies but there are occasional variations. There are some fast parts from times to times and a lot of acoustic passages that are really interesting. There are three kind of vocals in this record. Most of the songs are combinations of Death growls (I could say reminiscent of NILE / DEICIDE) and clean vocals. There is also a guest appearance by Paulina Strihavka that sings some parts in the homonymous song “It All Fades” and handles all the vocals in the record’s cover. When I listened to the record I hadn’t noticed that there are any cover songs. So, the intro kicks in and I am like “Is this a KANSAS cover of “Dust In The Wind” or what?” and when I heard the first words saying “Transilvanian Hunger” I was shocked. The cover has nothing to do with the original song, instead it follows another direction in the path of the Swedish lounge trio HELLSONGS. But and there is big but here … the atmosphere is so dark and her voice is so haunting and mesmerizing the song manages to captivate all the blackness of the original song. I definitely consider that to be the highlight of the record – and totally irrelevant to the style of the rest of the songs.

Overall “It All Fades” is not a bad record but nothing that I would really look up into. The production is raw with guitars and vocals in the predominant levels. The compositions have some really good moments but I think that it doesn’t have that something that would keep the listener into it. The only thing I really liked and will remember from this record is the exceptional cover of DARKTHRONE that is haunting repeatedly my playlists. But to tell you the truth is not the best thing to remember a new band just by its covers.

Rating: 6/10

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