The GATES OF SLUMBER (U.S.) “…the Awakening” CD review by

The GATES OF SLUMBER (U.S.) “…the Awakening” CD review


By Clean

In “The Awakening” is not a new album by the band to beard Karl Simon, but a re-issue of the debut work of 2004, which is then released on the Belgian label micro Final Chapter Records. First of all, falls on the really very quiet and muffled sound of the album, here was mastering champion Dan Swanö well if the sub-optimal original recordings save little or nothing, on the other hand, a so beautiful then-shuffling heavy Doom album also antanzen necessarily with sterile soundfacette. Back then, in 2004, Karl Simon entrenched but rather behind the traditional Doom, the power, subsequent releases, such as “Conqueror” (2008) , or the two appeared at RISE ABOVE RECORDS Thunder “Hymns of Blood & “(2009) and “The Wretch” (2011) is on “The Awakening” only rudimentary, the “newer” THE GATES OF SLUMBER thunder as compared been different through the wooden structure. seems easiest to “The Awakening” as yet trailblazer for – for many fans and critics – probably best THE GATES OF SLUMBER album so far titulieren (“Suffer No Guilt” 2006 via I HATE RECORDS). Ausfernde song lengths wherever one looks, only “The Executioner” indicates the rather powernde side of the trio, but it is (almost) more forward driving metal, for doomy stuff. The rest, however, is going down the Doom friend as the hobgoblin his much needed dose Met As a bonus ABYSS RECORDS have the re-release the bonus track “The Cloaked Figure” (a longer version of 2004’s eponymous demo) donated, all of those one provides additional incentive to provide only the more difficult to obtain first work of Indianapolis to Doomster into local digs. Although it must be said that it is the latter-THE GATES OF SLUMBER come across yet compelling to some.

This review was originally written in German and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in German click the link below.

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