CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) “Composition of Flesh” CD review by decayedsunrecordsr

CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) “Composition of Flesh” CD review

by decayedsunrecordsr

By decayed sun records

Death carnivorous example contamination of soil under the influence of Sweden and DISMEMBER AUTOPSY.

The music of some good old death metal just profess the impact of per DISMENBER AUTOPSY and in an interview. Sound making the kind of can not help but be distorted by turning the knob to the fullest extent of the GAIN for the time being. Fucking loud drums and cymbals and snare Sharishari Sharishari have always come in a set. In beast growl vocals spit cannibalism unhealthy “meat meat! Hey is enough! Insufficient” and.

Death metal contamination of soil example image that does not go mad from the jacket Sunbun band name or interpreters. It was very satisfying. Circle.

Vocal growl a little too interesting in the end.

I am close to the percussion because there is no melody basically I growl. It also, because it does not play your sound at the same time as several types of drums, I would be close to a simple percussion such as tabla. Therefore, we often differentiation is achieved by use whether or entangled with other instruments, and voice quality features, how they mix elements into non-growl.

On the other hand growl of this band. # But the most noticeable 1 “The Flesh Is Not Enough”, because they change the voice to seldom profusely from the rubber-faced as each breath, it is becoming something other position like synthesizer. Usage, but actually a fairly common, meaning itself has been changed by its features. And it is suppressed bored giving color to the music itself is simply a matter of course.

And more importantly. Normal growl, tend to be abiotic or when close to the inhuman voice to emphasize aspects of rhythm, and even a little. For breathing feel clear vocals from voice change, they will growl that point, the organism is fully demonstrate. The creature may have worked for them and very advantageous. Breath and growl brutal a heinous is to promote the feeling of being mess eating the flesh and blood and combined with musical savage mentioned above, around crawling seeking human flesh creatures of painting jacket exactly.

In the scheme of the above, this work plays a stunning integrated to the extent that the music, vocals, the album concept, from boorishness received from the whole is not to be expected. ‘ve Written or violent or dirty s got to do so far, and in fact is quite a work conceived. I have the impression that the firm has created a sound close to the band from the preceding rather than the sound of the atmosphere Jarijari, and made a short strain. It also tight bass. There is a sense of stability also played. Even if the lyrics, not only a grotesque and spit, it is dropped in while drawing to an end as well as the emotional side of eating shaking simply “Festival’m flesh and blood”, “Ume~e human flesh.” Depicts the story of one well with one album. If it was something that can be done by way of making this work really violent, then I would not have felt that integration mentioned above. I believe in the communion of high position and spun it happened precisely because the elements carefully.

Listen to this work with us everyone, I will be part of an organism dirty So do come. Fresh!

Aside. Though I’m a size photograph members to this bleak, I laugh photo of the members should be on the T-shirt and Dekadeka.

This review was originally written in Japanese and has been poorly translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Japanese click the link below.

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