BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review by

BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review


By Wolfgang

“Bane” have the extreme metal genre already earned a name and publish “The Acausal Fire,” their second album in full length. In Serbia, it was founded in 2006 and came the following year with their demo “Unfinished” for the first time approached the scene. The Full Length predecessor “Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness” could convince me already and lets hope in this case a least equal output, finally, in between here two years and three split releases. When the troupe was also placed several times on ice, then one may expect of experience and development. “Bane” move stylistically in Blackened Death Metal genre, like a mixture of “Belphegor”, “dissection”, “Bathory”, ” Behemoth “and the Swedish” The Shining “. If you only put the symphonic intro behind, the boys break into a known, fast-paced form of the boxes. Highly accurate thresh release the Serbian musician, the riffs keep always dramatic and build a deeply corrosive atmosphere that is broken up by epic, rocking solos. Only now and then the tempo is slightly curbed and one is limited to slow, gloomy passages that will be mainly driven by the guitars. Besides the hateful voice of singer Branislav Panić is brought by the integration of after “Bathory” sounding clean vocals, choirs or with enough variety in the tracks. Thus, it is not too monotonous in sum, because the part of the songwriting I do not feel the complete disc as seamless exciting. Sound natural, the nine tracks – and certainly not the cover version of “Night’s Blood”, which incidentally is managed well -. Not all alike, but particularly intrusive do have me not presented beyond this aspect, I feel it as bad that the Full Length-drive failed on the length of her somewhat meager. The nearly three minute opening, except the continuing over three minutes Outro “Entering The Paradoxical Sphere” and with the aforementioned cover song remains, originally from not quite 42 minutes a remaining playing time of just over 28 minutes. All of this may of course not to say that “Bane” missed their target, no, because ultimately with “The Acausal Fire” there is a hateful, brute album that has the audience in terms of extreme metal much to offer. After all, on this publication last induction and recovery, which you can listen in fact and constitute separate tracks, which you listen to you. Not only the precise handling of the instruments and the clean recording makes this album a pleasure, but also the targeted production leaves a deep impression when listening. Thus, the silver disc presented in the effective duration of the half-hour in both raw oppressive, including clean translate form, but not forgetting the harsh factor that I personally find to be important in the metal genre. Just a bit more powerful the sound would to my mind have to be. Indeed intrusive earwigs are indeed passed me, but lies with “The Acausal Fire” before a fast-paced, thrilling album that invites you to bang your head, but just bit short. “Bane” remained faithful to their chosen path, have nevertheless continued to develop positively. The 2012er output is no runaway album, but I can say this disc on my recommendation. Tracklist: 01 Bringing Forth The Endless Dark Aeon 02 The End Of Humanity 03 In Endless Silence 04th As chaos Rises 05th Light The Black Flame 06th The Truth Unleashed 07th World Of Desolation 08th Existence In Denial 09th Entering The Paradoxical Sphere 10th Night’s Blood (“Dissection” cover)

Rating: 7/10

This review was originally written in German and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in German click the link below.

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