The GARDNERZ (Sweden) Interview by The Core of Brutality

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) Interview

by The Core of Brutality

By Meowmix

1. Can I get a back-story on the band/ band biography?

Yes you may! I started the band in the summer of 2008, I had just come back from a semester studying in Fort Myers, FL, so I had been longing for a good while to create some music. My idea was to blend katatonia and bolt thrower, and as time progressed I started to throw in some more progressive elements into the mix. Bass player Francisco Martín was the first real member that joined the band, I had another dude singing, but he lost interest unfortunately. Francisco and I started to put our debut album “the system of nature” together, we recruited drummer Juan Pablo Donoso to do session drums, and we got Niclas Ankarbranth to do vocals, and this lineup recorded our debut album which we self released in 2010 and Abyss records gave it a proper releases in 2011. Sometime in 2011 Vedran Benèiæ joined the band and we started working on the “It all fades” mcd which is now out on Abyss records. We are currently working on new stuff.

2. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

A lot of antireligious stuff, trying to show the fallacies of religion and so on. So a lot of religion bashing! (fuck why hasn’t this medieval superstition not died out yet??) But we try to not be a one trick pony so we have songs about: our over consuming lifestyle (inspired by the book “The Dialectic of Enlightenment”), those nasty pessimists that goes through life seeing nothing but the faults and failings. I would say that we have a very positive message, trying to inspire people to be free thinkers and leave the shackles of superstition behind. And to take life for what it is, sure life sucks sometimes, but your life is what you make of it. And it is up to you to realize your desires. And if you just dwell on what you dislike and what you think sucks, you will never get anywhere, instead of dwelling on what you don’t like you should celebrate what you do like. We also have lyrics about, tabloid journalism, my take on the environmental issue.

3. How have the gigs you guys been doing been?

Well since there has only been none, I don’t know what to say. We have had some serious bad luck with the live situation, stuff getting cancelled. We had a tour around Europe booked that was supposed to happen in September of this year (2012) but that fell through. Since we don’t live very close to each other we can’t just take a local bar gig unfortunately (not that we have been offered any haha). We really would like to do some / shitloads of shows, but so far no such luck!

4. What equipment do you guys use?

Since we are currently just a recording band (keep in mind we want to change this) I’ll list the stuff we have used for recording, I generally use a ltd ec 1000 guitar and a eleven rack preamp. Francisco uses a line 6 bass pod pro preamp, Ibanez and Washburn basses. Niclas uses a Jts pdm-3 microphone and drummer Vedran used a Sonor Force Birch Drum kit on the recording I believe. Vedran is also sponsored by artbeat drumstix.

5. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Katatonia and Bolt Thrower to begin with, but then I guess I would have to say, Death, Broken Hope, Acheron, Funeral, and bands like that. That’s my influences, the other guys have others, Niclas is inspired by Nick Holms from Paradise lost and Quorthon from Bathory. Francisco I actually have no idea and drummer Vedran I would guess Mike Portnoy since he is a big Dream Theater fan, I might be off but fuck it its only drums muhaha.

6. Do you remember your first show and what was it like?

Hm I’m not sure, I think the first real show I went to (if you don’t count shit for kids that you get dragged to as a child) was Bob Dylan in Hamburg 1995. My father is a big Bob Dylan fan and that has rubbed off on me, some claim that my love of Mr. Dylan is at an alarming degree, but I don’t think you can be a too big of an Bob Dylan fan. He is the greatest in my mind.

7. What made you guys decide to form a band?

I guess we all have the same love of making music, but for myself it has always been that I really enjoy playing guitar and creating music. For me it is like laying a puzzle, putting songs together. And then see how my original idea changes form when the different members put their spin on it.

8. What is your opinion on sites posting your guys material and other bands material?

Obviously I would like that every one that download would pay for it, if they like it any keeps listening to it that is. But this will never happen, so I view it as free promotion and publicity. You can’t change it and you can’t stop it. And if you start taking legal actions against the pirates I think you will lose more then you will gain. I’m still buying albums and I support a lot of the different pay to stream sites for movies and shows (I don’t own a TV you see). I think of the dumbasses in the entertainment industry would have started to get with the program with streaming 10 years ago, the industry would look way different today. But the industry dudes were stubborn and try to sue their way out of this jam and now they are bleeding out off their ass.

9. Is there any bands that you guys enjoyed playing with more than the others?

Can’t say since we haven’t done any shows.

10. How do you guys feel about the classifications in metal? like death core, metal core and other subgenres and how some get a negative rep.

Well I guess you have to put things in genres for sanities sake. When it comes to the core scene I can’t say I really enjoy any bands, maybe some hardcore bands but that is about it, and let’s not forget the hardcore inspired New York death metal scene, that is fucking kick ass, for example Pyrexia and Malamor. And as I stated in question Nr 2 I don’t like to dwell on things I don’t like, in the sense of when it comes to taste. Why should I care if people listen to stuff I don’t like, you know, Like the retards fighting on forums and comment sections saying shit like so and so band sucks, fuck what is the point. Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of metal music that makes me pissed off since I think it is so devoid of originality and just plainly suck. I haven’t kept up with new metal for the last 10 years, so at this point I’m just a uninformed grumpy relic.

11. What song do you enjoy playing the most?

The John Prine song – the speed of the sound of loneliness. Not that I play it as well as John Prine, but my version is nice just the same. Since we don’t play live and we rarely rehearse at this point, the only time I play the songs is by myself to entertain my cats, and try to keep them fresh in my mind. But I would have to say The art of suffering and Don’t look back are fun to play, the others are as well, but you made me choose!! Some of the new shit is pretty challenging to play so that’s always fun.

12. When not doing things with the band, what can you guys be seen doing?

I work a lot, and I study Portuguese, so that files up my dance card pretty well. I also play in a band called Pandemonium. It is mainly the normal stuff, hanging hang out with friends and my girlfriend. I also try to go running a few times a week.

13. Your biggest band moment?

Getting record offers was pretty big, getting the feeling that what you are doing has impressed someone to the degree that they want to risk a shit load of money.

14. What is your opinion on the current state of metal?

It seems that metal is growing stronger and stronger, and I think that is a lot of fun. Sure most of the new stuff coming out today does nothing for me, but fuck it, if the kids like it, why should I complain. Music has always been evolving and changing, I would prefer that that music evolves into something I can’t stand rather that the same shit gets rehashed. Sure most things coming out today sounds like bastard versions of In Flames and At the gates, but that’s fine.

15. How did you guys come up with your band name?

It is inspired by Epicurus, Nietzsche and the Swedish country/dance music scene. My original idea was to call it ” The Gardeners” since the symbolism’s appeals to me, but since there are already a billion bands with that name, I decided to go a bit different. I know a lot of people thinks our name sucks, but they will not forget it and, there is only one of us, and I’m pretty sure there will only be one band called The Gardnerz.

16. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

We will be keeping doing what we have done in the past, mixing death and doom, the slow stuff will be slower and the faster stuff will be faster. We have shit loads of new songs, and soon enough there will be a new The Gardnerz release out.

We would like to get out and play some shows, so why not book us for your next garden party or wedding.

Cheerio Wilhelm / The Gardnerz.


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