NOCTIS IMPERIUM (Venezuela) “Nihil” CD EP review by Azm-Magazine

NOCTIS IMPERIUM (Venezuela) “Nihil” CD EP review

by Azm-Magazine

By The Doorway To

Ah black metal done the way it should be powerful with a touch of Avant and Death metal thrown in for good measure this South American Blackened force has Nick Barker (Dimmu, Cof, Lockup , Old Mans Child and now Testament) playing drums for them that is kick ass in its self and this band is very much love in with the Dimmu/ Old Mans Child sound of Epic Black metal and do any amazing job at making it sound fresh and inspired with is not an easy task in 2010. NIHIL is just an Ep up a few upcoming and older tracks and if its going to sound this good as a prelude to what is to come then Noctis Imperium you have nothing but a bright future in the extreme metal scene.

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