The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review by Metalyze

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review

by Metalyze

By Chief Rebel Angel

The Gardnerz play a mix of death and doom, and this aesthetically beautiful hand is the band’s second. Maybe it’s not really an EP, promomaterialet talking about it as a mini-album, but it feels like it’s niceties.

6 songs get, and almost all are rather long and sweeping, initial duopn “Do not Look Back” and “A Horrible Disease “clocks in at 7-8 minute piece so it is overall not the time to complain about mäöngden music be served.

“It All Fades” is on the whole a pleasant experience and acquaintance, I think. The band does a lot of contrasts in the songs – it toggled bisvärmsriff and guitar picking, and the middle of it all you get a very brittle cover of Dark Thrones “Transylvanian Hunger” – all with the result that there will be a varied and diverse listening.

Okay, it’s not always perfectly. It works in ä’rlighetens name battery on a track like “Melatonin” with its melancholic features than it does with talk singing over guitar picking on “A Horrible Disease”, but it’s never completely way off.

First track “Do not Look Back “is one of the better ones on the album, and the ending is the best. “Erasing Bad Specimen” is the dealer’s position, I would say, and this hits the tape completely correct in their mix of epic and the aggressive death and doomanstrukning actually remind me of Candlemass or a band Novembers Doom!

band itself then?

They do a good effort, I think. The guitars have the right sound, and timing of delivery of riffs (good by Wilhelm Lindh), Francesco Martin (bass) and Vedran Benčić (drums), the band gives both driver and spine, and I must give credit to Niclas Anchor Brandt growl. His rensång might not scratch my best always, but growlen fits like a glove.

wrapper also, it should be mentioned.

Neat, epic, signed Daniel Johnson:  . Good:

You can find the band’s website here:  . Makes it, I think. The Gardnerz is, despite its fairly dassiga name, a pleasant acquaintance!

This review was originally written in Swedish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view  the original review in Swedish click the link below.

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