BANE (Serbia) Interview by ISK

BANE (Serbia) Interview

by ISK

By Borjana Nikolić

American label Abyss Records will issue the second of November seventh album Serbian death / black machine BANE simply titled “The Acausal Fire”. The band’s early October gave his farewell concert in Tuzla, Sarajevo and Belgrade, and then went to bed. Fortunately, it is not eternal, but it will take a while Branislav, founder of the band settles in Canada. A short but sweet interview was supposed to be released before the farewell concert, but what you will not get answers … in time.

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Regards, Branislav! I want to thank you in advance for your time, especially now that they are preparing for the farewell concerts. You recently held a mini-tour in Bulgaria where you are, among other things, introduced the new album. As the last step in? In what cities have introduced “The Acausal Fire”? The audience happy?

In Bulgaria, it is always a great pleasure to play. We were in Sofia, Varna and Burgas – indeed, all three shows were fantastic, and I went to the audience just as pleased as I bend.


Bosnia and Herzegovina has already had the opportunity to hear from you this year during the third edition of the Sarajevo Metal Fest. Just before the advent of priružio you drummer Mark Gačnik from bands Festival of Mutilation, After Oblivion and Forensic Clinic. How did this collaboration? How he found it difficult (or easy) to catch up with you?

Goran [Salković], SMF Promotions representative called us to play, but we did not have a drummer. Then he proposed to ask his friend Mark, and the man agreed to not play the concert. We simply figured out what it says on the first, and only then is it logical to continue our collaboration. By the way, Mark is the best extreme metal drummer in the Balkans, claim it responsibly, so we had some difficulties to tighten everything.


How difficult it was to maintain this cooperation, given that Mark lives in Sarajevo?

Since we are not able to have a rehearsal in one place together like most bands, we’re serious about this and practiced individually, so this was the solution.


Were you satisfied with the response of the audience at the Sarajevo Metal Fest 2012? What are the expectations regarding the upcoming gigs in Tuzla and Sarajevo?

Generally we have always been delighted Sarajevo, so I do not doubt that there will always be great.


In Tuzla, the band will perform as Mephistopheles band support, in Sarajevo, Bihac death / grind band Duat. Are you already familiar with these bands?

With Duato we have shared the stage and the band can really boast and say that the ultra-extreme, and I only heard of Mephistopheles, but I’ve never listened to their works.


Going back to “The Fire Acausal” BANEov second album. Would you explain the meaning of the name?

Black flames, just what some individuals have within themselves and can be maintained.


Could you let us know the details of the new album? Where is “The Acausal Fire” was filmed, when, how long did the recording process, who produced the album …?

The album was recorded in a studio in the Czech Hellsound, produced by great musicians and my long-time friend of the band Honza Sunroof Avenger. The whole process took about ten days.

The album features guest appearances and Nocturnal (Shadowdream / Ancient Sorrow) who was a guest on “Chaos, Darkness and Emptiness,” Butcher (Avanger), Patrick (Anachronaeon / Eyecult) … How did this collaboration?

These are all friends with whom I like to cooperate in every way. I’m also a fan of their music, so that the cooperation with them all come naturally, without any hassle.


Who took care of the look of the cover? Is hiding some symbolism behind it?

Abomination Imagery. The guy who comes from Indonesia, brilliant man, a lot of talent. I think that the artwork is clear enough. Who has understood the point, he realized.


We’ve heard that a break in the work of Bane. How long will this last break? What is it all about?

I have no idea how long it will last break, but time will tell. The thing is that I’m going to Canada. I’m moving there because of his private life.


What can be expected of Bane in the future?

Nothing specific, we shall see …


Thanks for your time. All the best for the future Bane …

Much obliged.


This interview was originally written in Serbian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original interview in Serbian click the link below.

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