BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review by misantropiaextrema

BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review

by misantropiaextrema

By Outubro

When the Serbs Bane dump, the last track, an ice bucket by his death / black metal below with the version of the theme “Night’s Blood” of Dissection, no longer need this argument to convince fans of the style. Is that the nine previous songs showed a nicely balanced approach to both styles, a mixture of extreme aggression characteristic of Balkan metal and a penchant for melody, atmosphere and tasteful details and denounced interludes that although shy, leave its mark on the sound of Bane. At least enough to consider this second album of Novi Sad good progress in relation to the group’s debut album and at the same time, a very valid proposal for lovers of the rougher side of black metal, or alternatively the more mischievous side of death metal. The balance between brutality, extremism, melody and atmosphere in “Fire The Acausal ‘is not achieved at the expense of compromising any aspect, but rather due to the limit of holding each. And the result is, without leaving the spectrum of what is “normal” style, a hard copy must like the death / black metal sound today.

Rating: 4/5

This review was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Portuguese click the link below.

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