BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review by

BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review


By Eric May

Bane (and not the guy that broke Batman’s back) are a black/death band from the Czech Republic. They’re a three-piece consisting of Brainslav who does the leads, rhythm & acoustic guitars as well as the vocals. The other guy (or mysterious entity, but I’m thinking that it’s a dude) is called Occvltm Mallevs and he’s the drummer. But it would be seriously badass if they really did have an non-human entity as their skinsman. Nokkturno is the bass player. The disc was mastered by “Butcher” (Avenger / Eyecult) who also guests along with Nocturnal (Shadowdream / Ancient Sorrow), & Patrik Carlsson (Anachronaeon / Eyecult).

But enough about all that. How does these guys sound? Well, definitely fucking capable. This is blasphemous black/death and you’re getting what you pay for. But don’t be surprised when you hear some melodies on this disc. They’re great melodies though, and they help to drive the album. The vocals go from scowls to growls and everything in between. You can tell that Brainslav worshipped at the altar of Dissection in his riffs, and there’s even a killer cover of Dissection’s “Nights Blood 7:12” that does absolutely, positively, not suck.

The black does overpower the death in this mix, but it seeks to be more sinister, Satanic, and overly occultic material. It trounces with a vengeance, but doing so in the way that many who have heard Dissection are already well aware of. So it’s not “quite” new, but it’s certainly worth checking out. “The Truth Unleashed 4;38”, “As Chaos Rises 4:27”, “World Of Desolation 3:24” and bleak opener “The End Of Humanity 4:05” are all good songs, but one begins to feel as though the band is strictly adhering to one dimension, consisting of lots of blasts, standard-fare black metal guitar (but in the vein of early Dissection) and a dual vocal approach of both black and death most of the time.

For some odd reason, this promo sheet tells me that this band sounds like early Katatonia and Opeth. Hmm… I’ve heard both those bands in their earliest, and while I admit at slight hints of prog, melody and bleakness (it even has some short solos) I don’t remember Opeth or Katatonia blasting up a storm. I don’t even remember Dissection being that blast hungry. But I will say that the melodies do help to sweeten the deal just a little bit.

The intro piece and outro piece are okay, but honestly; who is actually enjoying intros/outros these days? It’s just some orchestral march stuff that we’ve heard umpteen million times. They could’ve capped that stuff and we’d have been fine.

If by chance this Dissection laden throwback( with slightly more death metal influence on the vocals) appeals to you, then check it out. I’m personally more for Thulcandra, but these guys killed with their Nights Blood cover. I definitely recommend you at least check it out, but the rest of the album is well worth hearing too. While it’s not the best thing you’ve ever heard, it’s still decent enough and might fill the Dissection hole for a while.

But I would’ve loved more variety.

Highlights: The End Of Humanity, As Chaos Rises, The Truth Unleashed, Existence In Denial, Night’s Blood (10 Tracks, 41:00)

Rating: 7/10

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