BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review by

BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review


By Neil

On their sophomore effort Serbia’s BANE continue to demonstrate their aptitude for weaving together various strands of Black and Death Metal, infusing it with more than a few classy melodies, and allowing the blasting rhythms and tremolo picked guitars to coagulate into a coherent (and crushing) whole. While not a perfect record, “The Acausal Fire” may very well be one of the better albums of its kind I’ve heard in a while, effortlessly marrying the pervasive cold atmosphere of early DISSECTION with the more direct blast-ridden aesthetics of a band like BELPHEGOR.

The Black and Death Metal elements effectively balance each other out across these ten songs, and in spite of the strong resemblance to the aforementioned DISSECTION (and perhaps even NAGLFAR), the band’s sense of melody comfortably sees the album through. Granted, “The Acausal Fire” tends to be a bit lop-sided as the majority of the most memorable and striking moments occur during the frankly brilliant first half, but by the time “The Truth Unleashed” rolls around they’ve done enough to convince me that they are indeed a band that’s not to be taken lightly, even if they do have a few kinks to iron out.

After a surprisingly grandiose intro that evokes Symphonic or Doom Metal more than extreme Black/Death, they get right down to business with “The End Of Humanity”. Driven forward by a main riff that is equal parts epic and extreme (a la KEEP OF KALLESIN-meets-BELPHEGOR), ferocious drumming and subtle melodies that snake in and out in the background, this one simply nails this formula. The songs are written in such a way that the melodies flow with the music the one moment and provide stark counterpoint the next. This doesn’t dent the cohesion of the album, but rather serves to imbue it with a healthy dose of variety and class. The slower tempo and melodic cadence of “In Endless Silence” immediately made me think of Max Richter’s “On The Nature Of Daylight”, while the soaring lead work in “As Chaos Rises” owes as much to AMON AMARTH as it does to classic Heavy Metal. As stated earlier, the second half of the album fails to capture the imagination as much as the glorious first half. For whatever reason, there is a peculiar lack of dynamic on songs like “The Truth Unleashed”, “World Of Desolation” and the perfunctory interlude (“Entering The Paradoxical Sphere”). Sure, they race along in fine DISSECTION/NECROPHOBIC style but lack a bit of magic. They do throw us a bone right at the end, though, as the cover of DISSECTION’s classic “Night’s Blood” is simply amazing, capturing all its subtle melodic nuances in deft fashion.

Even though it also suffers from the same kind of inconsistency that plagued “Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness”, this is overall is a better effort than their debut. The song-writing feels more concise, focused and better paced, while the crisp production is also commendable. Of course we’ve heard this synthesis of Black and Death Metal numerous times before, so this album won’t necessarily win over many new fans. What it will do, however, is to remind those of us who love the chilly atmospherics of albums like “Storm Of The Light’s Bane”, “Far Away From The Sun” and “Slaughtersun (Crown Of The Triarchy)” just why we’re fans in the first place.

Rating: 7.5/10

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