NOCTIS IMPERIUM (Venezuela) “Nihil” CD EP review by From Beyond Metal Fanzine

NOCTIS IMPERIUM (Venezuela) “Nihil” CD EP review

by From Beyond Metal Fanzine


Noctis Imperium, are from Venezuela and its data is from 2003, starting under a primitive black metal without many variations to develop into the items we currently have a Black death metal and say firmly packed very well oriented. His early eps demos and I must say that my perception totally captured the band entirely and say the truth I could not understand your proposal clearly. When I received notes promotion of this work with the information himself Nicholas Barker (Cradle of Filt, Diimu Borgir, Lock Up and others) had recorded tracks by this “Nihil” seemed exotic and an act of mere advertising the band gradually I had to swallow my own words and thoughts distorted the situation, at first I did this work digitally until recently I bought this cd was physically and mainly for 2 reasons, one I like to have MP3 recordings and second this album and wanted it to have a clearer picture of the band and therefore the music of Noctis Imperium, the group was attracting increasing over time my attention. Let us go then to criticize this “Nihil”, the dissemination of this work was accompanied by a European tour last year, the first track “ra-hoor-Khuit” is the introduction of what comes with “ad inferos descensus” direct, something melodic and very fast and is perhaps a little stand on other issues, “bring me sacrifice” continues with these canons, carbide while tearing melodically and namesake for the title of the band “noctis imperium” , and appeared in his first two demos to know the very “noctis imperium” and “divine nigth” here something more nuanced and polished where no escape to this day influences of Dark Funeral, also highlights the excellent cover of Morbid Angel “maze of torment “and part” through fire and cosmos “Live and as bonus tracks, we are more than a well-crafted album organically and perhaps as could have happened to many to hear this production so you catch with every listen and makes you appreciate many details in the first instance can be missed, a band very compact and rhythmic composition level, beyond having exotic note to Barker as a session musician, as described above influences Dark Funeral or a Behemoth, by moments but it remains the ownership anecdotes compositions honest and worked very intelligently, a general production surprised myself generally and honestly could not go unnoticed.

Rating: 4/5

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