CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) “Composition of Flesh” CD review by Orbitball

CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) “Composition of Flesh” CD review

by Orbitball

By Orbitball

Well since this band is from Sweden, they’re quite a bit like Dismember. But there’s more of a reverb/echo sound to the album, especially the vocals. I’d say that the album is best heard like any other album which is with headphones. You don’t get keyed into an album as much if you’re just listening to it on your stereo. Nothing much new that any other death metal band has put together really with this band, but they do show some promise. What they should’ve done though is cut out the lead guitars totally because they just are mediocre. It kills me when a promising band puts together good rhythms then the leads are below par.

Some things that were out of the ordinary band was that they included some clean tone guitar work. But the music in itself ranged from extremely brutal and heavy with vocals that were simply aggressive and riffs really fast. But tempo changes were all over the place. I suppose that’s good in a way so that you don’t get sick of listening to something that’s totally slow the whole way through the album or an album that’s filled with blast beating galore. One exception I must say about the constant blast beat that was released some years ago was Krisiun’s “Conquerors of Armageddon”. But with Corrosive Carcass, there are some fast tempos for a lot of the album.

The guitar riffs are really hard to make too much out on my stereo that’s why I chose to listen to it on my laptop just to be able to hear everything going on. Now the music is decent and there’s a lot of pinch harmonics in there riffs and slow chord based guitar along with the faster tremolo picking riffs. I did think that it’s a promising release even though they totally sound like Dismember. But it’s to be expected like I said since they’re from Sweden. What stood out the most here were the guitars. I think that the riffs were really put together well and there’s variety to the music.

Some bands can really hack it when it comes to rhythms and leads, but Corrosive Carcass does not hack it as I’ve said with the leads. Otherwise I would’ve given them a higher rating on this review. But let’s dissect a little more and talk about the music. The intro riff is pretty fast and the sound of the guitars are super distorted. They are a band though that doesn’t seem to incorporate too much technology in their recording. The riffs take a while to get into. They’re not that catchy really, but the vocals and guitar go well along with one another. The guitars, drums, vocals and production were all good in achieving like I said that reverb sound.

That was their focus though, put something out there that does make their sound a little more intriguing and less Dismember-like. Even though they do sound like them, they incorporated some things that Dismember really hasn’t done too much which is a clean tone guitar. I could be wrong about that though since I only own one Dismember release. I think that they are trying to establish themselves as death metal musicians and were doing something different with the music which was adding reverb/echo to the recording and include guitars that were filled with just so much distortion.

Corrosive Carcass is a death metal band that has enormous potential to write even better music in the future. But for now, “Composition of Flesh” was better than just mediocrity. They truly have a sound heard like no other besides Dismember which is what I’ve said repeatably with this review. They did need to take out the leads and just focus on rhythms until the leads get better played out. Who knows when that will be?! But at least they’re trying to get more known within their genre of death metal. A lot of old school death metal fans I’m sure would appreciate this release since I know that many people that I know already dig this band. Don’t miss out on it!

Rating: 85%

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