FETUS STENCH (Sweden) “Stillbirth” CD review by heavymetaltribune

FETUS STENCH (Sweden) “Stillbirth” CD review

by heavymetaltribune

By Hongrui

Unlike most of their counterparts, Sweden’s Fetus Stench does not play the style of death metal that their countrymen such as Entombed and Nihilist, along with countless other bands have played in. Honestly (and I can’t stress this enough), hearing one after another band emulating the style that Entombed has created has caused me to be sick and tired of that style, and encountering bands from Sweden is often a rather boring experience. It is rather fortunate then, that Fetus Stench decides to be one of the few bands to buck the trend, with Stillbirth being their debut full length release.

Rather than having the standard Swedish influences, Stillbirth presents a rather strong USDM influence, and the themes of gore on top of the crushing riffs that are unleashed right from the beginning of the album almost reminds listeners of the brutality that bands like Suffocation have released in recent years. And one finds it almost difficult to identify the country of origin of the band (in a good way, of course!). The blistering riffs and speed, and the energy of the band right from the beginning are all rather uncharacteristic of a band out of Sweden.

The technical aspects in the music cannot be overlooked as well, as the riffs that the guitarists execute range from full-on crushing intent to those that can get rather complex. The fretwork of Christoffer is also rather impressive, particularly on the solo on The Outer Island, though such moments do not seem to be the emphasis of the band. The pinch-harmonics-infused riffing on Severe Suffering further brings out that slight brutal death metal influence in the band’s playing, even giving this mid-paced track a slight groove. Drummer Emil in particular stands out in the music, with the energetic, yet precise style of drumming, punishing his kit without any mercy. Bjorte’s gruff vocals only add to the aggression and impact of the overall music. The tightness in the band’s playing also comes through rather clearly to the listener, especially so with the crisp production quality that is on the album, enhancing the overall musical experience of Stillbirth with each of the instruments being rather clear, preventing any of the excellent musicians from being buried in the mix.

The themes of gore and violence only seem to up the intensity of the music, sticking close to their band and album title, and ensures that fans of such gore-themed music will remain entertained throughout, complete with top-quality death metal that is present on Stillbirth. The technical brilliance, the relentless execution of the music and the high intensity have all made Stillbirth an extremely enjoyable listen, and Fetus Stench is certainly a band that I will be looking out for in the future.

Review link: http://heavymetaltribune.com/wp/2012/09/album-review-fetus-stench-stillbirth/

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