ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) “Rock ‘n’ Rott” CD review by

ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) “Rock ‘n’ Rott” CD review


By Alberto Vitale

I stop to look at the cover of this album. It will be old style death metal or brutal death metal? Rocking Corpses? Never heard of them! The title of the album is “Rock ‘n Roll”? Then something is wrong. I put the album into the player and pressed the play. There is a chant, a hymn funeral Finnish and the roar of the rain. Bah, titled “Into the Grave”. Following “Up from the Grave.” Damn, died and resurrected? Aah, now I understand perhaps the band’s name, album, and I discover later, the images inside the booklet. Here you have to deal with issues zombies. There is a growling voice, dark and evil, but there is also sung in a clean, which is nice. E ‘followed by a southern-doom metal sound, with a nice solo included. Okay, so these are Rocking Corpses death ‘n roll and anything southern, rock and doom. Moreover, the rock is in the title and there is also the next song. Carina “For Better for Worse” is frantic, almost punkeggiante. There is always a double voice, growl and clean together. The solos are always well made and executed to capture the attention. Are melodic. There is still doom ‘n roll and then “Life for a Life,” which seems the Mercyful Fate seen in a less serious. Pretty. “925” is the Galaxy! A hymn hard rock zombies! In fact, talking about them and with the usual irony. Probably the transmit repeatedly on radio, sooner or later. “Rocking Corpses” is a wild beast that runs through the desert, but “In the Dead of Night” is even more southern, less punk than the last, and is a stoner in disguise, but the best is given in “Necrophiliacs.” A grim song because explicit, sensual (obviously) but cheeky and cheerful because of clean vocals on speed. “Dead End”, reminds me of Metallica’s “Garage Days”. There’s something rotten here. There is the stench of death, but also alcohol and unleash all this were Tony DK (Growl voice and guitars), Leper Laze (clean vocals and bass) and Vile (drummer and graphic artist). “Rock ‘n Roll” turns to a thousand, the listening time flies frantic and pump energy because at the root of it all is the rock, or perhaps rock’ n rott, as these Finnish define it.

Rating: 8/10

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

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