The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review by Music Stage

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review

by Music Stage

By Christopher Holmstrom

The most exciting Gardnerz The new EP is to find out if they manage to keep the same high standard as the debut album, The System of Nature. After listening through It All Fades, I think you can not really come up to the high standard that it was in his debut, but it comes very close. It’s a good album and I think it cements their position as one of Sweden’s most exciting death / doom acts. The disc is straight through nicely made, heavy with a low, brutal pace and with a variation that makes it all the time is captivating.

The opening song, Dont Look Back, is in my opinion the best plate, it is wonderfully varied without ever losing the thread, they get really confused mixture of doom and death in a brilliant way. The song’s heavy riffs and beautiful melodies together with Niclas Ankarbranths awfully good and heavy growl makes it actually quite stunning, one of my favorite songs right now.

It is followed by the slower and heavier A Horrible Disease which is a good continuation of the successful stick with the same concept as the previous song without being too similar. It is also based on the really good riffs, good growl and tight drums of Vedran Benčić. What really strikes me is that The Gardnerz manages to do so very stylish transitions between the different parts of the song, even though it contains very large variations so drained never fluency when transported back and forth between heavy riffs, beautiful melodies, and the unadorned brutality.

Although I really am a bit allergic to cover songs, I have to say that the band manage to make a gruesomely good version of Dark Thrones Tran Silva Nian Hunger, the biggest reason for this is probably that the arrangement is so different from the original. Paulina Strihavkas voice is simply stunning and fits wonderfully together with the atmosphere and the slightly melancholic melodies. However, I think that the song feels a bit like filler, in such a short disc so I would rather hear The Gardnerz run full all the way. The song would probably be better suited to a full-length album, and then been a more welcome feature.

Then we again thrown into heavy death / doom, it’s time for the title track, It All Fades. I really can not help but enjoy the Wilhelm Lindh amazing riffs and Francisco Martín heavy basslines. This is an unbelievably good song that has a great balance between the instruments and the vocals, where everything has its place without any dominating. Growlen continues to be stable and the interactions that become with Paulina Strihavkas languorous voice is wonderful. The only thing I can feel is that I miss a bit more variety through the track.

After the title track, it feels like the listener get a decent dose of classic doom, flirting with death metal decreases and this is really low tempo, heavy and brutal. The interplay between the music and growlen feels crazy stable and they get it together in a nice way.

Conclusion on the plate, Erasing bad specimen, connects sac in an excellent manner, the brutal and heavy riffs continue to feed the listener while Ankarbranths singing is first-rate. The melodies keeps me on edge through the whole song and you can never relax. Here we also really great variety without becoming cluttered and hard.

In summary, one can say that it is a crazy good album, perhaps one of the year’s best, that keeps me on my toes throughout. It is an album full of variety that has a good mix of doom and death, it never gets boring but it is never too much, but the various bits and the tracks blend together incredibly well. I am impressed by how well they manage to combine the different elements of vocals, growls, heavy riffs and melodious tunes. The fantastic drums and the brilliant muffled base connects music and success is a fact. It is simply a really good album that should not be missed.

This review was originally written in Swedish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Swedish click the link below.

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