HUMANGLED (Italy) “Odd Ethics” CD EP review by Metal Italia

HUMANGLED (Italy) “Odd Ethics” CD EP review

by Metal Italia

By Claudio Luciani

The Humangled are from the province of Pisa and do nothing but give us further confirmation of how the Italian extreme metal scene is well in health, releasing an EP of all respect as “Odd Ethics”, after the debut album – “Fractal” – 2 years ago. Their music pays no attention to particular frills or niceties, but stepping on a straight tip punches in the head, succeeding more than discreetly pieces and rhythmic rock, compressed sounds and designed to make you scapocciare, as well as to please the most “sick” of you thanks to the atmosphere is constantly being degraded. The band, active from the late nineties (the demo “Anatomic Butchery” dates back to 1997!), Shows all its experience in songwriting that – even direct – is nice, mature and effective thanks to a nice taste to the riff, old-school and “fat” to the point of peeping in different genres, such as the opening of “Skinned, to Feel All” (perhaps the most fun, let us say that the title is brilliant) which are obvious hints of sludge that may , with a little ‘of transport, call the Obituary southern-oriented. Elsewhere you can feel some stems instead thrash and certainly do matter to the goodness of the sound and the relevance of the stop, never out of place (and, we would add, also aimed at “squaring” of the platter). The bitterness of such a work is always the same: a few pieces, which is why we hope a new release of their long distance in time at least reasonable.

Rating: 6.5

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

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