HUMANGLED (Italy) “Odd Ethics” CD EP review by

HUMANGLED (Italy) “Odd Ethics” CD EP review


By Karmator

New EP for Pisani Humangled that after finding some success with their only full-leght “Fractal” to Abyss Records (Indianapolis) will launch a new experience with the EP “Odd Ethnics.” Born initially as a duo Cyber-Grind, today is a reality Death Metal to be kept under observation. Of peculiarities in this band are the sounds sinister and voice that adds a touch of malice and dread making the atmosphere of the whole EP really interesting.

Already with “Nedless of the Blind” You can tell that they are made ​​of these boys, 3 and a half minutes that do not seek to be the classic Death super-fast and direct right to blow some heads, but rather we see the care and refinement in a personal sound (absolutely vital nowadays) in which we can recognize in full. Even the plot of the riff is something pleasing and designed to give each step a soul that can have their say.

“Skinned, Fell to All” emphasizes the sensations felt in the previous track. To give you just an idea, we’re listening to something very similar (obviously talking about musical lines) of the Carcass “Swansong”, which is a central melody gear and so much violence in the individual notes. I personally like, something that finally is shot 240bpm always.

“Acrid Smell” and how it should be, at least one track to the palpitations there must be. And it is this. A carpet of incessant double pedal and guitars that destroy your eardrums due to palm-mute unstoppable. Remarkable, however, the refrain that detaches completely rhythms previous bisecting the song, making it unique and enjoyable afternoon listening to a sitting or lying on the couch.

“Deny Your Creed” concludes this EP a few tracks but well done (and well recorded) . It adds nothing new, it’s just another confirmation that these Humangled have far too much stuff to sell, and who are ready, more than ready for the release of their second album. Having a label American then hopefully that will give more hope to worldwide exposure because they deserve so much.

‘s not easy to find now band with its own soul and is able to transmit mainly playing Death Metal. then the conclusion is definitely worth more than one listen to your eardrums extremi, and I’m very curious to hear their future work.

Track by Track

1.Needless of the Blind – 85

2.Skinned, Fell To All – 85

3.Acrid Smell – 90

4.Deny Your Creed – 85

Rating Package

Audio Quality: 80

Quality Artwork: 70

Originality: 85

Technique: 85

Judgement: 83

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

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