ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) “Rock ‘n’ Rott” CD review by

ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) “Rock ‘n’ Rott” CD review


By Marko Saarinen

Rocking Corpses do not necessarily play too many mind any kind of watches, but somehow I have the  itch, the orchestra will still be heard. Rock ‘n’ Rott is of course only a relatively young band’s debut, but  yes, here now as much a personal concept is, you would think that the order can be found.

Music is really the basis of sheer classic rock ‘n’ roll and blues hevivivahtein, yes, but do not worry this  metal is not calculated. What, then, is this so special? Well, these are rock snobs happily caught up in  the zombie work to do and, above all, death meta list of familiar songs sewer department. This, together  with the more traditional songs of pure, may therefore guaranteed to confuse some, but when  alkuhämmästyksestä tokeni, began to sink as a combination of bullet ysimillisen zombies frontal lobe.

One fascinating fact sheet is that the spirit of kingdiamondmaiseen it tells a story. I do not know the  order in which Tony devil himself would DK and Leper Laze music and lyrics are done, but somehow the  dynamics of the disc is not quite iskevin possible, even if the story progressing nicely between songs.  Among the shit does not actually exist, but the second half of the 925 in all pirteydessään and  poppimaisuudessaan always a bit sylettää, although it again Stoori is understandable. In any case, they  are the toughest rallies are otherwise exactly the end of the disk. Best rises bearing the name of the  band Rocking Corpses, which simply remains in good sense consciousness, because it has been kertsiin  quality hooks. The good ones are also in the Dead of Night and Necrophiliacs, as well as the first half of  For Better For Worse, but somehow there puck to the top would have wanted something  menevämpääkin bet.

Riff side of the disc is rather traditional rock stuff, and does not include the wonders, but the biggest  täkyt found in good vocal melodies and styles in one of the Atonement. Still, at least just singing styles  could use a little balance: clean and viemäriörinöitä will now almost certainly the disc thoroughly and  more often than not in good balance, but for some reason, Glenn Danzig-sound for the benefit of the  second half of the two paragraphs. Is it good enough that it should be listened to accentuate. Dead End  Drive decision in turn heard quite Motörhead-mental, dirtier sound of the song, so both gold cucumbers  show that versatility is found.

It is interesting to see how the rock bodies of people hit combo, but the piece very much eager to listen  to the band’s next album. Then the Rock ‘n’ Rottin recordings dynamic duo Tony DK Leper Laze and  has received the support of drummer Vilen, so hopefully Rocking Corpses rotting ruhonsa also drag  show on pallets.

Rating: 7.5

This review was originally written in Finnish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Finnish click the link below.

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