HUMANGLED (Italy) “Odd Ethics” CD EP review by Zombie Ritual Zine

HUMANGLED (Italy) “Odd Ethics” CD EP review

by Zombie Ritual Zine

By Victor Varas

This is the new production of a not too old Italian death metal band (but very experienced) which has been undervalued since 1997, and I think this is the time for their rising. Definitely, they don’t play something I hadn’t heard before, but they do a very aggressive melodic death metal, and your attention will be caught immediately. Again, is a band which bases its music around guitar riffs and no matter how many times we’ve heard this hard core stuff blended with death metal stench, I think is properly the aura of the aggressiveness what it counts. Only four tracks full of aggression, excellent guitar technique and some winks to heavy metal. The voice is corrosive, as Andrew Goreds seems to have a much matured style, you know, this strong growling without forcing the throat and pronunciation correctly. I liked this experienced touch they do on track “Smells Acrid”, a totally death metal stench with putrid and overweighed guitar riffs, and excellent tempo changes. Also I liked the thrash metal touch they gave on track “Deny your Greed”, very dynamic riffs and fresh structures. This is a cool addition to your underground Italian death metal collection.

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