HUMANGLED (Italy) “Odd Ethics” CD EP review by Metal Shock Finland

HUMANGLED (Italy) “Odd Ethics” CD EP review

by Metal Shock Finland

By David Pearce

Humangled is a death metal band from Pisa (Italy) born from the cyber-grind duo of Putrid Sequence (“Inside Reeking Organs”, 1994). After having released “Anatomic Butchery” (1996) demo tape, which received very good reviews from the beginning on magazines, the band disbanded for personal reasons and remained inactive until December, 2006, when the duo Goreds / Scurb reassembled. In 2010 Humangled signed with Abyss Records from Indianapolis (USA) to release their debut album “Fractal” on 31st May. Production/Mixing/Mastering was made by Dan Swano @ Unisound Studios (SWE), for the new EP titled “Odd Ethics” released May 2012.

The Ep starts off with Intro Needles Of The Blind the song starts off with what sounds like doctors talking about a patient in a hospital then all of a sudden it powers into a heavy guitar riff full of energy then the vocals come in gruff and harsh but the guitar work is very good some really heavy riffs throughout the song. The vocals are very gruff and harsh but they go well with the guitars, the drums pounding out the rhythm behind keeps the tempo perfectly. The song gets my head nodding from the first bars of the guitars and kept it going throughout good start to the Ep. The second song is Skinned, To Feel All starts off with another powerful guitar riff, and the vocals are dark and harsh but are well really well done. The outstanding point is the guitar work it is outstanding they are playing at such speed but hitting every note perfectly and the drums keeping up the same tempo is a real eye opener. But it is another good hard heavy song and sung perfectly. The third song on the Ep is Smells Acrid again it starts with another powerful but twin guitar assault which I love hearing it give a song a real edge hearing that type of guitar work. The vocals are again harsh but very well executed and the pounding of the drums again keeping the tempo right where it should be high intensity. So far the Ep has been of the highest order the last song on the Ep is Deny Your Creed which starts off with the drums and the guitars together then the guitars take over with a cracking riff bit later the vocals come in harsh but perfectly done. The guitar work on this song has been full of high intensity with no time to catch your breath as it steams through the riffs at break neck speed. The vocals again have been really well executed with no let-up in determination to make your ears bleed with pleasure. This is a really good song to end the Ep on.


Overall this Ep has been a full on assault to my ear drums full of break neck speed guitar riffs, harsh vocals that would make you stand up and listen and finally the high intensity pounding drums which kept the tempo of the song to perfection. This Ep got my head nodding from the first bars of the first song to the ending of the last song normally I don’t listen to this type of Metal but I really enjoyed this Ep and I am looking forward to hearing a lot more from these guys in the future.


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