CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) “Composition of Flesh” CD review by

CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) “Composition of Flesh” CD review


By Eckart Maronde

When I was recently in the summer in Sweden, I received a mysterious phone call a bit suppressed on my cell phone number, noise on the line. A sonorous, deep voice announced to me that would be the evening passed in a former warehouse on the outskirts of Hofors the junior Deather CORROSIVE CARCASS an ultra-secret gig, and I just watch what is absolutely would have, would finally it has been about the hottest shit ages act. Granted, it all sounded richly obscure, and I really wanted to make just a few days off in Noisy Village, Sweden. But … what you do not everything dearest to his hobby, if there is something new to discover? So I went on my way and went on back roads and gravel roads to the said industrial area, which is in the upcoming Twilight deposed only dimly on the horizon. The sky was darkened by the gathering clouds, and occasionally I heard in the forest near the reputation of a Kauzes. Of music but nothing was heard, and certainly not death metal. Too bad, nothing arrived. As I already wanted to return disappointed for my SUV, I heard a rustling in the bushes and harsh creak. – Fearless I pull out the flashlight and shine into the bushes. A moldy gleaming pair of eyes looking at me, the one – let’s say – is undead, then I noticed the lifeless body before him, the huge pool of blood where I stand. It dawns on me that the pair of eyes must include Jonathan Sjöblom, the singer of the Swedish troops, for which I am ever got here. Suddenly he opens his mouth, a white liquid runs down the corners of the mouth, and then he brings forth some gasping words: “The flesh,” he whispers to me, “is not enough.” The next moment I feel a thump on the back of my head … The nurses at the hospital told me that I had been three days bewusslos. In what must have happened, I remember only vaguely. Suddenly I realize that the doc is on my sick bed and asks me, but I do not get his words: but that he speaks English, I can find. With some derision in his voice he barks to meet me two words: “Necrotising fasciitis”. Argh! Of this disease I have ever heard, and the memory it does not exactly put me in a trance. Then he babbles of “Awesome Nuclear Power.” Whether I should probably be X-rayed? Instead, he turns a ghetto blaster, standing on the window sill on. “Corrosive Carcass!” he whispers to me, and now I recognize the deep, sonorous voice. He was, therefore, who had called me a few days ago … The next forty-one minutes go by quickly, but drone on in my head, especially the fast D-beat-influenced percussion and primitive, and yet so skillful guitar riffs. Grinding, whirring, and occasionally even a harmony lead. No question, that’s pretty appealing Swedish Death Metal, quite consistently applied, without gimmicks, no solos, without too many tunes. The striking feature of CORROSIVE CARCASS is the voice of Jonathan Sjöblom, this mocking hervorgebellte grunts, on the one hand, so threatening near and through the Hall yet so elusive sounds. has packed the whole thing into a sound character, on the one hand the old-school feeling preserves and the other neatly pressed to their ears. And just like the excessive use of reverb to me very well – this all sounds kind of sick. The songs rarely last longer than three minutes, and sometimes come to the point quickly. Certainly, some in one or another high point are going to want more, but who is at AUTOPSY and early Swedish Death is, look here. After the bouncer, “The End Of Us All” I lose again the consciousness, but in my subconscious echoes the memory on “Composition of Flesh” by and developed a strange momentum. “The flesh,” I whispered to Jonathan Sjöblom, “is not enough. Over and over again.

Rating: 7/10

This review was originally written in German and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in German click the link below.

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