CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) Interview by rawnervezine

CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) Interview

by rawnervezine

By Martin Harris

Corrosive Carcass carry the Scandinavian goblet of gore with considerable pride. Martin Harris chats with their guitarist Christian Kanto.


Sweden’s Corrosive Carcass may not be the founding demons of the so called Swedeath scene but by hell they carry the Scandinavian goblet of gore with considerable pride on their debut album “Composition Of Flesh” released after only one demo “Rot In Pieces” from 2010. Getting noticed in the burgeoning resurrecting old school death metal ranks is not easy with hundreds of acts vying for position in an increasingly saturated and festering scene but the Swedes have done what many bands try and fail to accomplish and that’s to achieve exalted recognition with a crushing and creative album. Raw Nerve had a chat with guitarist Christian Kanto.


Raw Nerve: Many thanks for doing this interview for Raw Nerve, it really is appreciated. Can you give us a brief history on the band to date?

Christian: Hello Martin, the band as it is today was not really formed in 2004, back then it was just some friends starting to play together for fun and exploring different kinds of metal music. Corrosive Carcass was formed in 2007 when vocalist Jonathan Sjöblom joined the band and they decided to play death metal seriously. Two years later guitarist Christian Kanto joined the band and then the band was formed as it is today. We recorded our first official demo ”Rot.In.Pieces” in 2010.


Raw Nerve: My research has shown, correct me if I’m mistaken, that all the band members are fresh to the scene, with no previous bands. How did you get together?

Christian: None of us have played in any bands known to the scene before, just small local bands. Markus Janis, Peter Koistinaho, Jonathan Sjöblom and Mikael Lindorf knew each other back from school. I knew the guys because Markus and I played in a band together besides from Corrosive Carcass some years earlier.


Raw Nerve: Congratulations on your new album, it is very gnarly and true to the spirit of Swedish death metal or Swedeath. What is it about this style of death metal you find so appealing?

Christian: It’s raw, has good melodies and it´s heavy. But if you listen to our album you will also hear a lot of influences from the good old bands from USA.


Raw Nerve: Swedeath has seen an explosion of bands in the last four to five years, what have been the main influences on “Composition Of Flesh” and Corrosive Carcass?

Christian: Our biggest influences from the Swedish scene must be Dismember, Entombed, Sorcery and Death Breath. The American bands that had a big impact for us are Death, Morbid Angel, Autopsy.

But don’t forget all the good thrash metal bands!


Raw Nerve: Cripes a Swedish death metal band unfamiliar to me with Sorcery, will have to check them out. What would you say are the principle components of Corrosive Carcass’s music?

Christian: We play this music because it is what we all like; the old school sound just comes natural. We don´t try to sound like any other band, we are just very inspired of them.

Raw Nerve: The guitar tone is slightly higher in pitch than expected but incredibly visceral. Was this a deliberate act to sound a little different to the rest of the bands in the genre? I detected a bit of old Slaughter in the sound from their “Strappado” album, have you heard this album at all?

Christian: Actually it was our sound engineer in the studio that made the sound, we just played on our ordinary equipment. Some old amps and Boss HM-2 pedals, that’s it really. I have not really listened to Slaughter, maybe heard them once or something.

Raw Nerve: The sound on the album feels very analogue, is it and if not how did you go about getting such gritty production?

Christian: Unfortunately we did not have access to an analogue studio and we did not want our album to sound digital, lucky for us our friend recorded the album digitally and made it sound analogue anyway.


Raw Nerve: I am unfamiliar with the studio you used to record the album, can you tell the readers something about the choice (where it is and why there) and the recording process for the album?

Christian: Studio 2-takt is a small studio that a friend of ours has. He really wanted to record our debut album and gave us a very good price for it. The recording process went fast, almost too fast. There are some small details that could be better, but overall it came out really great.


Raw Nerve: Would you say that “Composition Of Flesh” captured everything you set out to achieve?

Christian: Yes pretty close, a real artist will never be fully satisfied.


Raw Nerve: How do you go about song writing process, there’s plenty of variation on the songs, and pleasingly it is nice to hear some focus on bass lines?

Christian: All members in the band write songs, and that’s good because then we get a lot of variation the songs. Sometimes one member writes a song at home and shows the rest of the band at rehearsal or we just jam together. We have a lot of focus on the bass just because its sound good, simple as that.


Raw Nerve: The titles of the songs seem fairly typical in death are there any particular topics you have covered lyrically or is it gore, death, torture etc? Any particular favourites at all?

Christian: Yes it’s a lot of gore, death and torture. But if the listener reads the lyrics and uses their mind they will discover that there is more of a meaning in the lyrics that just death.

Raw Nerve: The cover art is hideous and grotesque is that what you are trying to convey to listeners about your music?

Christian: If a person finds this album in a record store he must understand what kind of music he holds in his hands. There is a saying that you shall not judge a book by its cover. In this case you can!

Raw Nerve: How did the deal with Abyss come about as you must have something they want with the number of quality acts on their roster at the moment?

Christian: After recording the “Rot In Pieces” demo, we sent it to some different record labels, Abyss Records liked it and offered a deal. The demo had a very raw and old school sound, which we think the gave the guys at Abyss a nostalgia trip back to the late 80´s.


Raw Nerve: Touring is inevitable in most death metal bands, what are your plans if any, as you have played gigs before?

Christian: Our next step is to contact every festival, bar or place where we can play live. First in Sweden then if possible out in Europe. A dream for us is to go over to North and South America.


Raw Nerve: What has been your best show so far?

Christian: The most important show we made so far was on Getaway Rock Festival which is a big metal festival in Sweden there. Behemoth, Obituary, Dying Fetus, Ghost, Satyricon and Venom also played to name a few.


Raw Nerve: What is a typical show by Corrosive Carcass like? I should have expected this answer I guess, hmmm.

Christian: Head banging, head banging and more head banging.


Raw Nerve: Many young bands tend have tons of ideas floating around, so I wonder what you expect the future to hold for Corrosive Carcass, any ambitions?

Christian: At the moment we are recording four new songs and we have plans on putting them on an EP. Our ambitions are to play many gigs and see the world and keep making good records.


Raw Nerve: A great deal many bands are using online sites to get their music and even offer their music for free, what do you think of this portal for music and would you consider using it yourself at all?

Christian: If someone likes it they should buy the record and support the band. We have spent years of hard work to be where we are today.


Raw Nerve: Do you think that the availability of metal on the internet has diluted the scene and has maybe lost its mysticism somewhat?

Christian: Internet is both good and bad for the metal scene; you can discover so many good bands. The bad thing is that many people download all their music, if you are a fan then you should buy the records if you have money to do it!


Raw Nerve: I know you don’t use them but modern extreme metal uses clean vocals a lot, what are your views on this?

Christian: It sounds fucking bad, that’s why we don’t use that kind of crap in our music.


Raw Nerve: Music seems to have become a throwaway commodity these days, people don’t seem to appreciate the effort that goes into the whole process of writing and releasing albums, do you agree?

Christian: We agree, people don’t understand how much work there is behind the music, artwork, promotion etc.


Raw Nerve: What was the last album you bought, not downloaded?

Christian: Last time I bought 6 LP´s: Exodus – Bonded By Blood, Destruction – Infernal Overkill, Kreator – Extreme Aggressions, Megadeth – So Far, So Good… So What! Candlemass – Ancient Dreams and Tales Of Creation


Raw Nerve: If you could be in a film or TV series what would it be and which character would you play?

Christian: The Terminator from the first movie, he is bad-ass and evil.


Raw Nerve: Finally do you have any thoughts or messages for out readers and once again I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

Thank you Martin. I want to thank all our fans and for those that have never heard us and are fans of old school death metal buy our album you will not regret it! Cheers from Christian Kanto, guitarist in Corrosive Carcass.


With honest assured answers Corrosive Carcass play music like they interview, brief, blunt and straight to the point, exactly like their pulverising death metal. If you are a fan of this style of music, and this helps bring a new name to your ears though, then mission accomplished. Check them out.


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