RADIATION SICKNESS (U.S.) “Reflections of a Psychotic Past” CD review by The Grim Tower

RADIATION SICKNESS (U.S.) “Reflections of a Psychotic Past” CD review by The Grim Tower

By Eric May

Whether you love these guys or not, this is their first record in twenty plus years. They were playing grind back when the music was practically fucking founded, and split up in 1992. Played a show in 2010 and decided to make a new album.

So what’ve we got? Well, basically we’ve got a very old school sounding sort of death-punk thing going on, but there’s really no exact pinning of these guys. With each track being less than four minutes at the most, and 37:00 filling up with 19 tracks, there’s a lot of variation. Doug Palmer’s vocals are sort of like a black metal scowl, and tracks like the longest cut “Tripping The Seas Of Madness 3:58” can sound a little bit like black metal. But it’s then obvious, as the band is definitely one to switch many gears.

When I mean many gears, I mean that there’s a definite clusterfuck of sound here. It’s definitely extreme and it’s definitely along the lines of death metal. You’ll also hear a surprising amount of structure on the disc, as well as some great drumming on each and every track courtesy of Mike Herold.

But the disc does have a lot of 1:00 tracks that sound roundabout the same. After the first couple of songs, I’m left with a very stale feeling. Yes, there are good tracks on this album – but despite what loops and bounds that the band uses (prog, tech, solos, clean vocal, and other ideas) the whole thing comes off as still sounding unpolished.

But give them a break, they haven’t been around for years and are just getting back into the swing of things. This is a bunch of guys just having fun and playing the music that they love. Shit, they might make another one next year, who knows? At any rate, if you like your grindcore very old fashioned, without piggie squeals, overwhelming drums and gravel, (more angry, less brutal) you’ll probably dig this. The production and everything sound as raw as if they’d released it much earlier. But that is a part of the band’s style, so I will not fault that.

I’ve never been much a fan of grind, can’t really point out any highlights. But there are some interesting ideas used on to this one that will appeal to certain people. Pick it up for nostalgia, or pick it up to hear what grindcore used to sound like before all the gore and sounds of a slaughtered pig.

For grind, this isn’t too bad. Reminds me a little of old Carcass.

(19 Tracks, 37:00)

Rating: 6/10

Review link: www.thegrimtower.blogspot.com/2012/07/week-59-july-30-2012.html

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