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HUMANGLED (Italy) Interview


BT) Your history as a band is long and winding road: the public to discuss BT

H) Our band was founded in the mid-nineties, as the evolution of a death metal project very special grind-industrial, with which we are facing the underground music at a young age. We made the first demo “Anatomic Butchery” in 1997, after which for various reasons personal to the lineup broke up in ricostituirci after 10 year break and get there – after 2 EP – the debut album “Fractal” in 2010, where we unloaded all our instincts and musical influences.    

BT) Two years ago came a very important occasion in your career: working with the Abyss Records (USA). How did this offer?

H) We got to see us on Myspace, who a few years ago was a good site for underground bands, and we chose the Abyss among others because there was immediately a very active attitude of the label on how to promote their rooster, and luckily we found the perfect size for the band to distribute physically and digitally on CD worldwide.    

BT) About this, can you talk a bit ‘of the differences between American and European music market?

H) There is the impression that in the U.S., there is still that kind of waiting for the CD out that is a bit ‘(too) dwindled away because of downloading the wild, we think this is to be ascribed to a certain way of relate to the music, with much more attention and “loyalty” to the band like that to the trend of the moment. Even just finding old works, targeted questions, etc.. by some fans overseas enables us to think about this.    

BT) “Odd Ethics” is your second official album, preceded by two EPs and a publication 15 years ago. How are you going to this new release?

H) At the moment very well! We are pleased with the reviews that are coming out and especially in the light of these aspects are also dissected in “Fractal” not all were caught. We like to think of “Odd Ethics” as a picture of this transition between Humangled Fractal and what’s next album with a renewed line-up attitude and higher.  

BT) The album title does not suggest that you save text and sound violent: you can give some more impressions to your fans?

H) The text, as per our tradition, speak of all the worst that permeates our modern society. Especially this time we focused on issues such as aggressive treatment, the physical pain inflicted, hypocrisy and religious beliefs built for profit.  

BT) of Serbia in what you have to promote this new job?

H) Primarily go live in the activity last year and a half, which saw us share the stage with bands listed that is underground. Promoting our live set with scenic elements that, in a certain way, complete our sound, making some of the texts’ visible ‘and more’ easily understood. Besides that also treat the web as usual, we just launched a contest to design our next t-shirt, who was interested … can ‘always groped to win!    

BT) As you can see the extreme music scene today, that during these last few years has had a sort of “boom”?

H) Unfortunately, the “boom” in our eyes was almost entirely ‘quantitative’, more ‘and quality. We understand better now how important the work of the label producing works deserving, when we meet to hear dozens of bands that churn out discs to 98% identical to capture the trend of the moment. Ok the “Carpe Diem”, but here is exaggerated, and not just with hair or make-up. However there are actually ultra-sound in the band “scene” Italian, but usually those are the ones that prefer to have finally picked up only a small part of the fruits of their good work with some of these bands try – with pleasure – of sharing the stage when possible.  

BT) How do you think has influenced the music industry the advent of “home recording”, which gave the opportunity for lesser known bands to expose themselves?

H) The home recording has definitely given a strong impetus to the proliferation of numerous projects also very interesting. But we remain of the view that there is still a significant gap between the study of quality professional and do-it-yourself. We believe the underlying problems that continue to prefer the home recording from the recording studio are manifold: first the cost but also the fact that on one hand the bands do not usually have clear ideas about how it will play the their work and the other studios that regardless of what is required, continue to work to an inflexible production protocols.

BT) What are your projects coming soon?

H) will continue with the promotion of “Odd Ethics” always cultivating the writing of new material for the next album. We are completely absorbed by Humangled.  

BT) Is there any particular message you want and then leave the conclusion to the visitors of BandsTribe?

H) We want to thank all those who want to listen to original music and support the bands that believe in their individuality and in their music.

This interview was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original interview in Italian click the link below.

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