SOUTHWICKED (U.S. / Europe) “Death’s Crown” CD review by

SOUTHWICKED (U.S. / Europe) “Death’s Crown” CD review


By jorzine

The legendary death metal album “Slowly We Rot” for the American death metal band Obituary has always been one of my favorite classic death metal albums of all time, and also the album “Haunted” for the American death metal band Six Feet Under also contained many good elements though its not on my favorite list, the common factor between these amazing releases is the amazing lead guitarist “Allen West” who is presenting us today the debut album “Death’s Crown” for his new death metal band Southwicked.

What makes “Allen West” a special guitarist is his capability to make the melodies of his lead guitar swim and row upon the surface of the rhythm guitar freely and cleverly without crashing the whole firm death metal atmosphere, and this capability helps to make this record dynamic and full of metallic motion. As the American death metal scene is still thriving and presenting us a lot of death metal releases, we can clearly notice that most of the new death metal bands are influences by the classic death metal bands Morbid Angel and Death and sometimes Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, but actually there are many new albums that try to sound different and add a lot of genuine sound and visions like this record. Prepare yourself for a new death metal album for a new band here, but with a classic lead guitarist.

When I first played the tracks “Death’s Crown” and “Craving For Blood” I expected to hear some sharp guitar solos, and my expectations were totally right because Allen has attached his holy guitar solos to structure of the songs. The classic death metal crashing riffs gave a lot of groovy and headbanging energy inside the tracks of this record, especially the tracks “Killing Spree” and “The Phantom Prince”, and actually these tracks reminded me a lot of the American band “Six Feet Under”. The classic old school death metal enjoyment continued inside the fast riffing of the track “Graveyard Of Bones” and inside the energy of the deep growling vocals of the track “Charming Karma”. And after all these seven classic death metal beauty, the band presents another two dynamic death metal tracks, one of them is the track “Green River Killing Fields” that has a lot of rough peaks and energetic drumming, and the other track is “The Only Living Witness”, this track ends this record with a groovy way and shows a lot skillful efforts in performing the bass and the drums.

The production of this album reminded me of the old death metal albums that Allen has been involved in, the tune of the guitars is dusty and full of old school feelings. The total sound of this record and its sharp edges are a gift for all the old school death metal fans that seek for a modern band with a flavor, the experienced members who have involved in great classic death metal albums in the past are mostly the only ones who are able to create this mess and allow all the listeners to get swallowed into its stomach.

Finally, This record has been created for all the death metal fans who fell in love with the early Obituary albums, and for all the fans who admire the flavor and the tune of the American old school death metal records. I don’t recommend this album for the listeners who prefer the modern melodic death metal movement, because they simply wont feel the crashing riffs and the classic feelings that have been attached in the structure of this record. If you are searching for a classic\modern death metal release then I recommend this album for you now, get your ears ready to bleed out all the silly modern death metal records out of your head and replace them with real firm and experienced classic death metal riffs.

Composition: 8/10
Performance: 9/10
Production: 7/10
Artwork: 7/10
Level Of Originality : 8/10
Level Of Ferocity: 8/10

Rating: 8.25/10

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