THOUSAND YEAR WAR (U.S.) Interview by aquelarrezine


by aquelarrezine

By Paul Caravasi

The history of Thousand Year War began in the winter of 2008 in Haines, Alaska with Hiram Lohr (guitar, vocals). Dan Ferguson of Abyss Records signed Thousand Year War.The first pressing of Tyrants and Men is available as a digipak. All Album art was done by Luciferium War Graphics with the logo by Christophe Szpajdel.Presently,Thousand year war is working on a new Ep called “Doom Rides These Mountains”.Here’s an interview with Hiram,vocals of the band.


1-How are you Hiram?.I hope everything is great with the band.Tell me how did you form Thousand year war and who are the current members?

Pretty good! Just been getting ready to go into the studio for the upcoming TYW ep Doom Rides These Mountains. The current members are just me(hiram) and Fredrik Widigs who is on tour with Demonical right now. And I am just starting to work with a session guy to lay down some studio bass tracks.


2-Who were the bands that influenced you ?

Well I personally loved the sound of Kampfar, old In Battle, mithotyn, Arckanum, windir, Amon amarth and so on. Of course I listen to a lot more black metal these days as I’ve seen a lot of posers attach themselves to melodic death I feel myself attracted to the true underground. Malfeitor comes to mind. Not so bm is Anarchonaeon and the Horde now on Abyss.


3-How did you get the deal with dan of abyss records?

Mainly with the help of Fredrik widigs. He helped get a connection going to Dan and he expresses an interest in the band so from there it was an easy choice as Dan has been such an active part and player in the true underground metal scene!


4-Tell me about the response of the album “Tyrants and men” so far.

The response has been spectacular! I have no complaints and even Made a best debut list and top 10 list which for our first cd I’m really happy about that. And it’s collected a lot of interest from metal heads around the world which is very pleasing


5-What about the lyrical content?

My lyrical content is inspired by anger at world government(especially u.s. policy) and hatred for a lethargic uncaring human race. I see a system that uses us as cattle just so a few rich pigs can have their fun in the sun. Pathetic. On future material I will be drifting towards speaking out against.Animal cruelty and the lifestyle of vegAnism that I have embraced.


6-Has Thousand year war played any live shows? Are there any plans for a tour?

No live shows unfortunately….I’m Waiting for the right moment and opportunity for a good tour with session Musicians. I’m tired of dealing with people’s bullshit and drama so I’m going to focus on doing everything myself with the help of Fredrik on drums while taking on session members if we eventually tour.


7-What were the musical goals when you started the band?

My goals were to create an atmosphere with my music that I felt in my heart based on anger, despair, loneliness, hope and every kind of emotion I felt that could be translated through the strings of the guitar. I could care less about being the next band that impresses fans with technicality. I want every person that listens to feel inspired and also read into the lyrics and perhaps pull Something useful From them.


8-Tell me about your local metal scene.Is there a true support from the fans?

I really have no idea and I’m not very interested. Maybe because I have only time to put into my music and everything else I have to juggle or just because there’s not really much that grabs my interest. Although there is a more traditional death metal band called decayed existence who are amazing led by Harry Rocco and also a sort of horror punk band dusk casket which I really enjoy.


9-What is the meaning behind “Tyrants and men?

It means that there is a ruling elite class of morbid pigs that control all the wealth.Pharmacuticals, hospitals, food, authority who are the tyrants and there are a small handful of men(and women) that refuse to kneel to these corporate fat car assholes to the point of death. It’s a title based on an age old duality.


10-What advice would you give an up and coming band to try to make it and get signed?

Bring everything into focus and concentrate on making solid songs and a actual full Length album instead of wasting time trying to impress a few local assholes while making bullshit demos.Look beyond that and make music that comes from your heart and soul.


11-How do you feel about the hardcore kids dancers in the shows ? Is that helpful to the scene or do you think they deserve a beating in the mosh pit for doing that?

I believe they are simply poser jocks trying to unknowingly ruin a great thing. It is primarily the result of this death core bullshit that most poser American trendy metal people think is cool. When in reality it is played by attention starved media puppets who are strung around the stage by corporations like scion cars and rock star energy drinks trying to make money off the new metal fad. It will die and the underground will forge on. Don’t Beat them, ignore them and let the posers move onto the next trend!


12-Do you think the metal scene is getting better,staying the same,or getting worse then it has been in previous years?

It’s great in that there are so many metal Bands and it’s very interactive with the Internet. But it’s also a incredibly lazy scene in that no one buys CDs or purchases downloads instead a lot of so called fans are nothing but posers that steal music left and right while leaving us musicians to eat the bread crumbs that are left. We need major help and illegal downloads and torrents are fucked.

Beyond that there is this death core movement I have mentioned that is American made and simply trendy bullshit capitalizing on the recent metal craze to pull ,In more posers to get covered in tattoos, drink energy drinks, put Metal Mulisha stickers on their useless trucks and be a corporate media sellout tool that has the delusion they are somehow a metal head. In Reality the real Metal heads are continuing in and will be standing among the bones, corpses and rubble of all poser scum ….


13-In your opinion,what would be the ultimate guitar to own?

My dream guitar will be made Soon by our new endorsement Krashburn guitars!!! It has a very unique shape with spears designed into The shape. I’m extremely excited about this and will also be doing a guitar giveaway in which a lucky fan will Win a guitar from Krashburn with the TYW design.


14-What are the future plans for the band?

My plans are to release this CD, do some new shirts, get this guitar made and then start working on a new full length for 2013. The war continues and more battles await! I have hopes of a tour next year and will Just keep my fingers crossed and hope it happens!


15-Thanks for your time Hiram, any last words for this interview?

Thank you Paul! I absolutely love your zine and reccomend it to every metal fan:) Please show support to abyss records and Krashburn guitars. I also could not leave this interview without reccomending the lifestyle of veganism to all TYw fans and metal Supporters.I found true freedom and renewed my passion for life and metal through being vegan. Spit in the face of the government and corporations by refusing their poisons….end all cruelty to the beasts of our earth and detach yourself from our sick food culture!!!!!!!!


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