HUMANGLED (Italy) “Odd Ethics” CD EP review by

HUMANGLED (Italy) “Odd Ethics” CD EP review


By Francis ChiodoMetallico

Two years after their last output record ( ‘Fractal’ of 2010), recur Tuscans Humangled with this new EP, ‘Odd Ethics’ , published by the American Abyss Records and available since last June 8. Four tracks that make up about a quarter of an hour of music, but let’s see ….. Starting with the packaging of the product, known that the band has kept us in care of every detail, creating an excellent
work and very professional in every respect. Ben also did the cover art work, simple but effective ….. Opening entrusted to ‘Needles Of The Blind’ , preceded by a brief intro, where you start with a direct sort of ride in mid tempos typically death metal. Immediately the singing catches on with all his anger and arrogance. Riff accuminati and massive are the masters, with some references that would bring to mind certain Carcass. Well structured tempo changes that make the work interesting and varied, with a certain air of technical, showing, moreover, that we are not talking about young musicians, but people who know their stuff. Here ‘Skinned, To Feel All’ , which part with a few interludes aggressive, immediately after which you will find yourself immersed in a death metal sound with walls up straight from the guitars, giving quell’appeal melodic than slaughter in an excessive way, giving some melodic lines that give a certain charm (but not think of the Swedish melodic death metal). Interesting ads of clean guitar that lurk in the most rhythmic. The frontman sings with all his rage, alternating some rough scream to deep growl and powerful. Sprout some array references some death’n’roll. The band clearly shows that he lacks the ability, as well as technical skills, listen to the tempo changes very well coordinated and see. References are death’n’roll are more marked in the following ‘Smells Acrid’ , where there are few points of heavy matrix. So our fit a certain “punctuation” varies within their compositions, so as not to be trivial, though nothing is offered purely innovative. The production is well managed, so as to render justice to each member and to receive the product at ‘listener without a hitch. The only flaw that I seem to encounter is a lack of sharpness of the vocalists, although it is well prepared and boasts its own strong energy, between screams and growls as mentioned before, but it lacks that “something more” that can break through to fully the listener. For the rest I do not find any fault. In closing cd you find yourself in front of ‘Deny Your Creed’ , where solutions suffused with flavor (but not soft) open immediately to what, personally, I think the highlight of the Ep, where Our sound is very open to give a rough and winding melodies, where, once again, puts on display their excellent technical preparation. Ferocious riffs, midway between the Carcass and the American school, but never an end in itself, a rhythmic base that easily switches from attack to chop bones and some cadenzamenti like ride. A band that has its own internal harmony and it shows. In addition to a passion and aptitude not just! Some are guitar heavy matrix, even here, emerge in small moments, making the work of our non-trivial.

All the pieces, however, to say that there are intense, leaving the viewer a listen very full and enveloping, like a vice pleasantly destructive. As the title ( ‘Odd Ethics’ ), the same result with some degree of “inequality” sound, ie, their compositions are, in some respects, the approach discostante. To explain, at times, the changes of time and throughout the proposal itself, it is vaguely “asymmetric” which, paradoxically, makes it intriguing and slightly psychotic listening.
A quarter of an hour intense that you feel well and you will remember, as soon as he finishes listening to the urge to press the button ‘play’ .
If this EP is a foretaste of a future of their new album, we can only expect a good job. The Humangled resurface after two years of absence from the market always being in good shape and with a clear idea of what they want to propose, proposing it with a healthy attitude and conviction!
If you love death metal and get yourself this EP will have a good bread for your teeth!

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

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