ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) “Against All Odds” CD review by aristocraziawebzine

ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) “Against All Odds” CD review

by aristocraziawebzine

By Mourning

Eternal Helcaraxë The Irish are one of those bands that I hoped to publish as soon as the debut. After having met with the EP “To Whatever End” in 2010 and having been happily impressed, first to accept the news release of “Against All Odds” and then receive the copy to talk about is what might be termed a pleasure. The line-up remained unchanged, the styling approach combative but often punctuated by moments of epic equally airy and soaked, they realize that they possess qualities particularly important from the point of view of communication and emotional aspect of that the beat while iron is hot. This debut album reflects what the band has presented quell’ep, there is a use of melodies guessed, never become too corny even in moments when you have the distinct impression that the fervor of the fight is put to one side relative to favor of an ancestral sense of melancholy, of acoustic interference calibrated so as not to become invasive and tediously repetitive, in counterpoint to the clean vocals that are “opposed” in some sections and screaming like a sharp blade Maulgrim, depth and Accompaniment guaranteed by synth carefully crafted to support the setting of songs and splendid service for the skins of Tyrith, earth-shaking, but …, but there already. I can not deny that “Against All Odds” I enjoyed it, having in its ranks the songs really intriguing, such as a triplet consisting of “Invictus”, “We Assisted Death” and the title track, which also arises as the second chapter of “All Battle To Come”, takes you in and does it with full force. I can also say that there are some scary drops as the rest of the tracklist provides evidence of respect even when the voice in almost bearing clean connotations in “As The Snow Gathers,” In the entrance to the Preparatory excellent instrumental atmospheres imbued with a pride, passion and nature of any more time or even in the movements of thrashate “Shadow Of The Wolf”. There is however a slight decrease in intensity in some circumstances which can prevent the Eternal Helcaraxë to reproduce the same effect in terms of involvement, a gift that was present in high quantities in “To Whatever End” with a kind of heroism thresholds which raised the values. We are still at the beginning of the adventure for the Irish and the positive notes are still many more than those that could slow down the journey. The album’s production for example is a couple of steps higher than those of the past, is more rocky and clean enough to provide a worthy performance instrument for a test colors epic, the road taken is still the right. I said at the time and I repeat once again, the compositional maturity absolutely not miss these guys and since we are still talking about a simple debut, “Against All Odds” that fits nicely inside the range of ratings that are not rewarded only for the intention but also for the continuity of intent that the Eternal Helcaraxë demonstrate to perpetrate. Ultimately, if you loved “To Whatever End”, defects or not this work will soon be in your collection, I’m sure.

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

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