ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) “Rock ‘n’ Rott” CD review by ISK

ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) “Rock ‘n’ Rott” CD review

by ISK

By Arnel Šarić Sharan

Ever since entombed presjajnog and “Wolverine Blues,” there is a tendency to intervene in a delicious soup base rock’n’roll, troakordna nonsense that is closely associated with blues, and the fiercest form of heavy metal – death metal. Some did it well, some good, most bad because the majority forgets that it is to play rock and roll should not underestimate the three chords, as possessing much knowledge and skill to data from three chords do that miracle. Who does not believe, Motorhead and The Ramones to listen. You should have seen me after twenty years of his career. The above is perhaps the reason why I was not overly thrilled with the idea of the album “Rock’n’Rott” Rocking Corpses Finnish band, until I heard the album. And when I heard there was a salve for the youthful enthusiasm Finns on their debut failed to make a miracle – that the really tasty and fun way to combine rock’n’roll and death metal. But how? Most bands working this kind of combination makes a mistake in what they think is a good play rock’n’roll riff with death metal distortion (one of Entombed, one should not exaggerate). Rocking Corpses do not make that mistake – these is a bar in the song death metal and other rock and roll / blues with a corresponding distortion. Therefore, Corpses advocating an era of experimentation with distortion, ie sound and are not afraid to be different, which is more than commendable. Songs like “Necropolis” bring rock and roll solo parts, hard, krkansko death metal singing verses, but pjevljive great and memorable, clean choruses in the manner of all those sweet lafo Finnish bands that no one listens, and most of them admires that fail to make good and slušljivu thing. And this thing is a typical example of sound grown Rotting Corpses. “925” is a song for me the most astounding albums. With minimal impact in terms of death metal growl vocals back to the verses, the text-nonsense rock’n’roll people satrane by the capitalist system is as zombies in a perfect manner. Hear one morning when you’re driving on public transport to work or school and everything will be clear. With this debut, Rocking Corpses have gained their first fans in Bosnia and Herzegovina. An album that is true, a band that is true – what a man needs more than a mid-tempo, rock and roll, old school death metal album that is one hundred percent inspired lirički zombie theme?

This review was originally written in Croatian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Croatian click the link below.

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