Abyss Records To Unleash Rocking Corpses Debut Rock N’ Rott On Friday, July 13th

Abyss Records To Unleash Rocking Corpses Debut Rock N’ Rott On Friday, July 13th

This Friday the 13th, your ass is getting lucky! Abyss Records is set to unleash the final selection from the Summer of Sickness Campaign 2012 with Rock N’ Roll, the debut from Finland’s horror-worshiping heavy rock duo Rocking Corpses. Blending bluesy rock, aggressive death metal and zombie fanfare, Rocking Corpses are as entertaining as they are terrifying.

A fan-made video of the track “925” has been posted at this location: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsXHs36UMMk


1. Intro – Into the Grave

2. Up from the Grave

3. Necropolis

4. For Better for Worse

5. Take a Whiskey

6. Life for a Life

7. 925

8. Rocking Corpses

9. In the Dead of Night

10. Necrophiliacs

11. Dead End


Horror death rock from the necropolis called Finland. Raise the Hell!

Rocking Corpses was conceived in the end of 2007 after Tony realized what kind of music he really wanted to do. Being a big fan of bluesy rock, death metal and horror, Rocking Corpses was going to be a mixture of all that he loved in music and movies. Some months later Laze got interested about the idea and joined forces with Tony. In 2009 two demo songs were recorded and in 2010 they decided to record a whole 10 piece story about the apocalypse as seen through the eyes of a zombie.

Rock ‘n’ Rott is not only the genre of Rocking Corpses, but also the title of the first album that depicts what happens in the mind of a zombie. The story is full of black humor and gore, but also many references to real life. The music is a mixture of many rock and metal elements with low growling verses and melodic and very catchy choruses. There is not so much distortion in the guitars and the beats have more rock than death metal influences, so the combination is very unique and appealing to many different tastes.

Tony D.K. – Vocals & Guitar

Leper Laze – Vocals & Bass





Abyss Records has officially kicked off their Summer of Sickness Campaign 2012. The label will unleash six releases over the next six weeks. Look for albums from HUMANGLED, FETUS STENCH, RADIATION SICKNESS, CORROSIVE CARCASS, SOUTHWICKED and ROCKING CORPSES in the coming weeks. From now until September 21st, Abyss Records is offering all six releases for $45. Visit http://www.officialabyssrecords.com to order.

Digital promos for all of the above releases are available to the media for review, interview and airplay  consideration. Contact ClawhammerPR@gmail.com  for inquiries.


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Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle

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