SEPTEKH (Sweden) “The Seth Avalanche” CD EP review by Destructive Music

SEPTEKH (Sweden) “The Seth Avalanche” CD EP review

by Destructive Music

By Luke Hayhurst

I get the distinct impression that this bunch of fuzz-loving death thrash ‘n’ rollers don’t take themselves too seriously. You want proof? Listen to the opening tracks from the bands new EP ‘The Seth Avalanche’ entitled ‘Fuckslut From Hell’ and you’ll have your answer. Incredibly silly but a delight to listen too, Septekh cite influences from the ever changeable Fenriz and Emperor to the more obvious Raw Head & Motorhead. Indeed it is a shame that this is only a six track EP as this catchy blend of filth laden riffs, sporadically fast drumming and a grime soaked vocal style really is very endearing. ‘Shoot Them All’ is a shout back to the earliest of Metallica in both song name and in sound whilst ‘Blunt Force To The Head’ is a slowed down beast of a song, heavy, venomous and crawling with ill intent.

In contrast to the previous track, ‘Not What I Had In Mind’ is a balls out thrash feast that is somewhat reminiscent to the UK’s own Evile. Featuring full throttle riff-age with some excellent break downs, this is a track that will have heads banging throughout. Hilariously titled ‘Eating The Maneater’ adds a vast element of groove in almost a stoner doom meets ‘Sacrament’ era Lamb Of God moment and has by far the most sing along chorus of any tracks on display. sadly there has to be an end and that end comes in the shape of the release title track ‘The Seth Avalanche’. Fast, raucous and spitting venom from the off, this is what you would have come to expect from such a down and dirty band. As a whole you won’t want to stop playing ‘The Seth Avalanche EP’, it’s catchy, fun and carries with it a real sting in its tail.

Rating: 9/10

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