ANGREPP (Sweden) “Warfare” DIGI CD review by

ANGREPP (Sweden) “Warfare” DIGI CD review


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By Dark Emperor

Is nice to finally hear some Black/Thrash Metal that is not trying to sound too ‘oldschool’ or too brutal. Angrepp manages to perfectly Thrashy riffs, Punk-ish rhytms, and powerful vocals, creating a very thick sound that will surely please metal fans since the first couple of minutes of this CD.

The opening song (after the Intro) “Five Horned Formation” wastes no time in establishing that the band’s riff machine is open for serious business. With a very powerful Thrashy opening riff, you will think that you are listening to the new Exodus, or something like that. After the initial impression settles, you will be quickly taken away by the surgically precise drumming that makes your head explode.

Most songs follow the same formula and they heavily rely on the guitars to drive the songs. The band manages to mix up some Black Metal elements with the overal Thrash sound of “Warfare”, creating nifty songs like “Legions Arise” that weaves between ‘traditional’ Thrash sections and darker BM-esque parts.

There are obvious Punk influences in the band’s sound and they are nicely accentuated in songs like “Dead and Destroyed”. The harsh vocals are a little low in the mix and most of the times are hidden behind the pounding guitars. There are a few solos here and there that just add extra Thrash-iness to the overall very solid music.

Angrepp’s song writing is very mature and they create very good songs on “Warfare”, something interestingly different from most young bands. However, we think that sometimes they don’t manage to make the songs too different and they end up sounding a bit a like, but with nice tempo changes some of this songs are worthy of special attention like “Rape, Kill, Rock N’ Roll”, our favorite song of this album.

If you are looking for a hard-hitting Black n’ roll/Black Thrash release, you should look no further and get “Warfare”. We think that Angrepp will only be getting better with time and will keep releasing powerful albums that will get people to break shit and start moshing non-stop.

Rating: 83/100

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