BANE (Serbia) “Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness” DIGI CD review by metalbelieve

BANE (Serbia) “Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness” DIGI CD review

by metalbelieve

By Morbid Deceiver

Bane is a black/death metal band from Novi Sad, Serbia that started off in 2006, but had some problems and were on hold for a couple of years. They released a demo in 2007 and an EP in 2010, but their full length album “Chaos, Darkness and Emptiness” was released October of 2010.

I honestly didn’t think that in Serbia there was such an active metal scene, until I listened to these guys.

I am not a big fan of black metal or anything related to black metal, but Bane’s album blew my mind away. Their songs incorporate a mix of symphonic elements with oldschool black metal riffs and vocals and a death metal drum line.

The album also has a melodic touch to it, we can find some clean vocals in songs such as “Pandemonium”, and also clean riffs in “Lost shadows”.

The interesting thing is that the album is very organized: the first song and the last song are both instrumental, symphonic that is, and it is an awesome way to start an album, in my opinion.

There is also another instrumental song in the middle of the album, so it’s like you get off to a calm start, then you get into the hard part of the album, then you take a break, after that you start with the hard part again and in the end you can rest again.

It is a very original album, as I said before , they manage to condense a lot of styles in every song, without making them chaotic or tiring.

In what concernes the lyrics, they are basically talking about life, evolution, death, suffering, disease – every song is a poem .

To conclude, I believe “Chaos, Darkness and Emptiness” is a great album, and every listener and non-listener of black metal and subgenres of black metal should give it a try cause it’s really worth it, and also if you have the opportunity to see these guys live, don’t hesitate, because they put on a hell of a show.

Favourite songs: The True Insomnia, Pandemonium, Plague Upon Yourself , Abhorrence

Rating: 10

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