BANE (Serbia) Interview by

BANE (Serbia) Interview


BANE “…the show at Exit Fest will definitely be one of the last ones in Serbia…”

By Milan Rakic

We had an exclusive chat with Branislav of BANE, one of the most active bands on nowadays Metal scene in Serbia.

They are waiting for you at EXPLOSIVE stage 2012!

Hi. What’s going on in the band these days?

Hi! We are currently preparing the final design touches for our upcoming album “The Acausal Fire” (see preview here: which will be released in August/September via US Label Abyss Records. Apart form that we are slowly getting ready for the few Festival shows we have this summer.


Your very first vinyl release just showed up. Congratulations! What can you tell us about that release? Also, what’s your relationship with vinyl releases?

Thanks a lot! It`s a 7″ Split between us and our Russian mates Lycanthropy released on German Label Knochensack. Our song called “As Chaos Rises” contains special guest appearance from Lord Beezanborgh, the Danish musician who is known for him works in Rex Satanachia and Temple Of Baphomet. The vinyl is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies only, and first 200 are actually white vinyl with extra booklet. For orders write here:

As for my vinyl relationship – to be honest I rather collect Tapes and CD`s, but obviously it`s a cult format and very nice to know that sales in the music industry have grown up in the past few years since the re-incarnation of massive vinyl production.


In the last several months band almost completely changed line up so, you’re now (again) the only member from the past. Why is that hard to full fill the suitable line up? Is the new one what satisfies you?

Yeah…well it`s simply a question weather you can be devoted 666% to the band or not. I personally find myself to be a very tolerant person who likes to have fun as much as possible, but on the other hand when it comes to the band – no compromises will be made. With that being said, vast majority of people who consider themselves “musicians” simply don`t share the same vision as I, so logically at some point we part ways in order to have a faster and healthier continuance with the band.

The current line-up is definitely a very stable one, although we lack of rehearsals since Marko, the drummer lives in Sarajevo (Bih), which disables us form seeing each other frequently and work on the songs together. Until date we`ve only had one rehearsal (the four of us), but luckily he has amazing drum skills and the band sounds very tight in my opinion since we welcomed him aboard so I guess you can say that I am satisfied with this line-up.


Recently the band officially stated that Bane will be playing live shows on European soil only up to October and then, huge break will follow. Can you tell us more about that matter?

That`s right. The thing is that I will be re-locating in Canada most-likely somewhere in mid October, and due to my personal plans I`ll have to put the band “on hold” status, hopefully for a short time only, that is, until I find a line-up there who is willing to keep the Legacy alive.

So, the show at Exit Fest will definitely be one of the last ones in Serbia, and generally in Europe for a really long time. Hopefully the band will return in Europe for a Tour if everything goes fine, but that won`t be before 2014 at it`s earliest.


Since the very beginning band was very active on live stages. What live shows represent to you?

There were many great shows since the band played so far in over 10 countries since 2010…but some memorable ones was supporting Malevolent Creation in Bulgaria, Decapitated in Serbia, and definitely all club & festival shows in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Mostly, you’ve played in smaller clubs and festivals. What do you expect from playing at huge mainstream fest as Exit is?

The most important thing is the there are still people who fight for Metal, and that there is a possibility for the people here to come support some of their favorite bands and enjoy the shows, specially when it`s such a big event as Exit festival.

Personally I never have any expectations anywhere because the music I play and sing – I simply do it for myself only, but it will definitely be fun to play with all those bands whom we`ll be sharing the stage with that night.


Can you share some recent news and plans with our Explosive fans?

We recently released our first official video clip and also first single from our 2nd full-length album. The track is called “In Endless Silence” and you can check it out here:

Beside that…more or less all recent activities have been mentioned during this interview, so I guess this wraps it up!


Thanx for that short chat and see you in a few weeks at Explosive stage!

Sounds good, thanks a lot for the support and see you there bro!

Branislav / BANE


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