The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “The System of Nature” DIGI CD review by Aristocrazia Webzine

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “The System of Nature” DIGI CD review

by Aristocrazia Webzine

By Mourning

The Swedes come to Gardnerz discovered with the first work “The System of Nature” the doom / death metal band founded in 2008 has a name so that many will say little or nothing but that does not deceive you, the mastermind of the situation is Wilhelm Lindh former bassist Tristitia that later led to his musicians anything but a spring chicken.
Has chosen for himself the role of guitarist, bass are Francisco Martín (Inner Sanctvm and Sacramento), Juan Pablo Donoso on drums (and Sadism Thornafire) and behind the microphone of Niclas Ankarbranth Vandöd countrymen, you will realize that the experience is a factor in the ruling, which is demonstrated by an already mature songwriting and effectively with the only defect that appears to be still not smooth as it could.
The ten tracks on the disc sounds powerful, old-oriented in the most sinister and directed to death, but capable of changing the shot in an instant, giving rise to highly melodic phrasing and relaxed, is known as the drift technique sometimes take away attention from the focal point of the situation, the songs of darkness pregnant dilate becoming too animated, not a bad thing is just to hit this issue and this is achieved only with time and work on it.
I assure you, however, that the platter the qualities to be appreciated there, the black shades of “Lady In The Grave” marked by hysterical voice in the background and malignant Joel Sundin, the more classical “Born To Consume” and subsequent “Incident” from every obsessive (in both solo performance was given by Thomas Ahlgren, six strings of Pandemonium and Deranged) coming to the Mediterranean melodies that leave their mark in a “Shift in Thought,” each song has a feature that makes him keep mind, as mentioned earlier there is still a perfect square, but by no means put it away.
I spend fifty minutes leaving behind a trail evoking primal productions of the Nineties like that so decadent and yet full-bodied as a brick, where the style was born of the challenge The Gardnerz.
If the vocal register Niclas at some points seems to lose contact, it must be said that the complex instrumentally runs well supported by a production so raw and alive in some places seem to hear a live recording, which can only make me enhance.
That way the natural and spontaneous that comes out of the bass lines highlighted and every touch of snare so “real” in his hitting, I think it’s great, nonetheless has its flaw, because the parts they decide to raise the technical rate of try a more “Pulitini” would provide more thrust and smooth, finding a middle ground between the two the result would be practically perfect.
“The System of Nature” is a great debut, pretty well cover of Daniel “Devilish” Johnsson depicting a grim ritual performed by monks in front of a source which emits an ancient tree, but deviated in its growth, urging the advent who knows what evil omen, of course, the colors are dark and annoying things about.
The Gardnerz I have to watch and someone has noticed thankfully, the boys signed a deal with the Abyss Records apparently officially print the album.
No rush then you can wait for the release under the label but also to the situation as it is now worth varebbe contact them and accaparrarselo.

This review was originally written in German and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in German click the link below.

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