SEPTEKH (Sweden) “The Seth Avalanche” CD EP review by

SEPTEKH (Sweden) “The Seth Avalanche” CD EP review


By Sicktus

Septekh are a bunch of strange ducks in the Swedish pond. First off, their name and logo seem to be Egyptian, secondly they fit themselves in their promo photos with an (albeit somewhat amateurish) obscure 1930s occultism image which seems a bit English (think of the antics of Lamp Of Thoth for instance – who also like to dabble a bit in Egyptian mythology, thirdly they have released a video that will only leave you saying “Riiiiiiiiiiiiight…..” at the end of it (a sheep, a dude in SM outfit, a spotted summer dress, animal skulls, a pump-action shotgun and a living room concert in a ‘cabin in the woods’… Fine combination, ain’t it?) and lastly they happily tear this carefully pieced together image of occult misfits to absolute shreds with a dose of raw deaththrash and blunt titles as ‘Fuck Slut From Hell’ (“I hear her cunny mound / Like a dog to its masters voice”) and ‘Shoot Them All’ (“But I’m a man of intelligence / and so I sentence you to death / Chanting / Shoot them all”) that have instant sing-a-long choruses and contain a lot of tongue in cheek humour and are (on the whole) rather keenly written. I could totally imagine them doing a track entitled ‘Be Quick Or Be Dead’. Well, not the Iron Maiden cover obviously, but I think it would be a title they could run with, both musically and lyrically. That all said, I must admit that I secretly already started to like this band before I even had my first listen (of many to follow, by the way).

Musically the six deaththrash songs that Septekh present on ‘The Seth Avalanche’ can be sum up by terms as raw, savage, pure and driven. The influences I hear are Motörhead (but more deaththrash, obviously), Gehennah (but tighter and with better and more varied songs) and Witchery (but more primal). And if I say Gehennah, I mean them drunkards with the ‘H’ on the end, not the black metallers without the ‘H’ – I cannot stress that enough with these two bands. Septekh also uses a lot of traditional heavy metal influences, which can be found in the song structures expecially.
Damn enjoyable tasty record, which is way too short with only six songs and 22 minutes playing time. Very, very curious about their debut full-length!

Rating: 88/100

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